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ilife 06

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by caver99, Oct 3, 2012.

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    seeing as the app store is only for intel mac does any one know where i can get hold of ilife 06 as after replacing and re-installing 10.5.4 and updating to 10.5.8 i can no longer retrieve this from apple as my daughter used imove alot?.
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    Jethryn Freyman

    Legitimately, not sure, Apple [and an increasing number of other Mac developers] seem increasingly keen to ditch any mention of "System Requirements", let alone *themselves* keeping legacy PPC versions on their servers.

    But, please don't do the technically *illegal* thing and download a fully functional version from a BitTorrent site. iWork '06 and '08 work fine on PowerPC, there are pirate version on BitTorrent sites out there and downloadable within the hour, but please don't do that, since that is piracy and that's illegal. Sorry that there's no legal way to get a PowerPC version of iLife these days, other than of course doing the *illegal* thing and pirating it.
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    Your best bet would probably be ebay or amazon. Apple no longer sells this software but copies are pretty frequent on the used market.
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    OP where are you located?
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    I have seen some torrents but was looking for a legal way, if there is no other way.
    Hi jessica i am in the UK.
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    Apple had it's resellers send back boxed versions of software once it was released on the online store. I would imagine that before then they probably just had the resellers send back old versions once the new one came out. Best bet is ebay or Amazon.
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    If you are near an Apple retail store most of the time the Genius Bar will reinstall it for you for no cost. Milage may vary but my experience has showed that it's not a problem.
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    Oh if you were in the US I would ship it. Unless you think it'd be fairly cheap to ship.

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