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iLife and Keynote

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by MacUser1, Jan 8, 2003.

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    I just ordered my copies of iLife and Keynote (by the way GREAT pricing for Keynote and Final Cut Express with the education discount) and now Apple cut 2 Microsoft products out of some mac users head (IE and PowerPoint). I thought that Apple couldn't entirely break away from Microsoft (especially Office) and still survive. Although I have not tried the apps out first hand, if Apple keeps this up, Apple wouldn't be in bad shape without Microsoft.
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    Maybe yes, but probably no.

    MS Word and Excel are brand names that professional types will not do without. These are apps that have been around longer than Powerpoint or IE. They've become synonymous with word processing and spreadsheat the same way Coke is to cola. Even if Apple could make an app that is 100% compatable with MS Word/Excel (good luck) I still don't think they would be able to "switch" people over from those two business app cornerstones.

    It's nice to dream, and while Apple is making some serious progress with Keynote and Safari, I think that MS has a stranglehold on word processing and spreadsheat apps.
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    if they got full excel and word file compatibility, now and inthe future, ro if Ms went to an open standard (not too likely), they could pretty easily do without MS. In fact, in a lot of ways it would be better, cause then people wouldn't even need to buy anything from MS or third parties to get that full compatibilty, it just works right out of the box. Sometimes I think apple should just license file format info from MS. I don't know if it would really work though.
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    Well, I just got my dad to order Keynote, I love it, no longer do I have to mess with Powerpoint, neither does my dad anymore.

    Anything to support apple, I think its well worth the money, saving to PDF, QT mov and the most important Powerpoint.

    I think, I'll actually like doing homework for woodwork :) (I have to make graphs of pricing and wood sizes and other crap). And my dad will enjoy making graphs and stuff for work.

    10 thumbs up for apple, now I'm eagerly waiting for it to arrive :)l
  5. arn
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    I just bought Keynote at the Apple Store.

    Will let you know...

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    Yeah I've said before that I think that Keynote is the first step in Apple breaking away from Microsoft Office, some seem to think that it will be in an individual app way and note a suite like appleworks, but I can't see Apple charging $99 for just a word processor. That's not the only option they could go with though so who knows, we'll have to see how well Keynote takes off. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks about, I have no use for it right now, but probably will when I go back to school in a year or so.
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    I agree, this is a small step for mankind and a huge leap for mac users! And the product was devised entirely for Jobs use and he has tested it for a year so we know it will be great. Two more down,now we just need a new word processor and spreadsheet program and we will basically have our own Apple Office. We already have Mail, Address Book, our own browser and now Keynote, so if Apple were to bring out a wordprocessor/spreedsheet for $99 bucks we would be set.
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    why not $99

    Microsoft charges $350 for each of the Office programs, bought seperately. Apple would still be a steal with $99 apps.

    Then sell a suite for $199, compares to MS Office at $499.

    I would be first to buy an Apple office suite.

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    Re: why not $99

    I'm afraid that you'll have to wait your turn, I'll be the first in line. :D
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    You forgot a couple of apps: iCal and iChat. When they become full grown, they'll compete directly with M$ Entourage and MSN Messanger. I know that MSN messanger is not an "Office" app, but it is included in the suite, and businesses do sometimes use an IM system of some sort. (My wife uses some kind of IM at work.)
    Also, if the rumors are true, iChat will be getting audio and visual capabilities. Think of the possibilities.
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    Horray its come , the courier delivered it. I installed it easy as. I love is beauty, its pretty good to look at.

    I've already messed with it a bit, and its very nice, we couldn't have had a better beta tester in Steve Jobs. I made a small presentation in 5 mins, it was easy as and I tell you this, it looked very high quality. Very nice text.

    Its a bit sluggish cause of the Anti-Aliasing, but its very nice.

    I'll play with it more, and let you know anything cool

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    Centris 650

    I do a good many presentations and I mainly use PowerPoint over Appleworks presentation tool. I WILL, however, be buying Keynote but one thing I hope they eventually add is the ability to import and play video in your presentations. I've only started using this feature in PP and it really enhances things. Plus if Keynote could play video clips then so much more the tie between apps. (Can you imagine a Keynote that had the ability to play music from iTunes and video from iMovie? WOW. You could make your own MWSF in your own living room!)

    I agree this just one more step in apple's office suite. Once they come out with a really good excel-like program I'll dump MS Office completely! (Excel and Powerpoint are the only 2 MS products I use. Appleworks word processor is head and shoulders above MS Word!)

    EDIT: Oh and a good Apple Data base program would be nice too!
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    new apple error message

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    I just went over the keynote page..

    The charts and tables in Keynote looks promising, I could see a killer app replacing Excel soon :)
  15. arn
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    Eventually? It's in there... it uses Quicktime so presumably supports every format Quicktime does.

    Just drag a Quicktime supported movie into the tile you are working on... and it will play in it.

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    Centris 650

    Ooooooo. I'm sold! Thanks arn!
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    Centris 650

    Ooooooo. I'm sold! Thanks arn from one Carolinian to another!
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    its called FileMaker Pro ;)

    btw, does anybody know whether iMovie 3 will be compatible with OS 9? i know iPhoto has always been OS X only.. but iMovie 2 worked in OS 9, so i was wondering if apple kept OS 9 compatibility (i'm doubting it cuz apple is basically trying to kill off OS 9, but i just wanted to find out with anybody knows for sure..) thanx
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    It will never be compatible, Apples OS9 support ended a while back, the dumbest thing they could do it move to a sub-par OS, OSX is the future, don't you remember , Apple Buried OS9 a while back. Every new app is OSX only and I'm so glad there doing that (infact most of it now is jaguar only).
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    okay.. thanks.. thats what i thought.. just wanted to make sure :)
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    I've been dying to know how Keynote saves to a Quicktime file? I would like each slide saved to a sprite track that is timed so that each slide can have its own duration. I don't want slides to be saved to a video track, that would make file sizes too big. Can you do this with Keynote?
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    Centris 650

    Yeah, but I really don't want to pay $270 for what I need it to do. I could use something smaller. Heck, HyperCard would do me fine! :D
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    Blimey that was quick! I couldn't wait to go back to work to get the educational dscount so bought it full price (they stopped us being able to order online except from a registered academic IP or something). Just found out my fisrt lecture is a week later than I put in my diary so here's hoping. I'd hate it if I have to play hide and seek with the courier who doubtless will call just after I leave the house.

    I wish there was a 30day demo available to use while I wait!

    Can't believe I'm getting excited about a program like this...
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    Keynote documentation and extras

    So, what's the manual like - or is there one?
    and how about the clip art - good stuff or not?
    I wasn't keen on the cliche handshake that Jobs used in his presentation but I suppose a business slideshow wouldn't be complete without one. ;)

    And the XML integration - any info on that? Tell me, tell me now. :mad:
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    And where is the demo??

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