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iLife Retail Photos

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 30, 2003.

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    very cool, I can't wait for the downloads to go up on apple.com

    and it has a CD and DVD install, great work apple
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    Is iDVD really too big to fit on a CD? It wouldnt make sense for them to do it for any other reason cuz all you would need is a combo or DVD drive to install with a DVD and you need a superdrive to use the App
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    It looks like the CD has iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes.

    And that the DVD has those plus iDVD.

    This makes sense. That way the people who don't have a combo or superdrive can still install the three iApps thay can use.

    And yes, iDVD is really bigger than a single CD's worth of data. iDVD 2 is almost 2 full CDs worth. With iDVD adding more themes, it has to be much larger.
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    Yep iDVD is too big to fit on a CD. The last revision was something like 800-1000megs.

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    Is there a reason they don't use 2 install CDs?
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    Although I'm not very sure at all, I do recall someone saying that iDVD was like 2.5 GB, so you'd need more like 4 install CDs.
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    Why don't they just put the iLife programs on a DVD instead of a 700Meg CD??

    [Edit] I'm an idiot. I didn't read the thread before posting. Disregard this.

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