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iLife Shipping with New Macs

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Feb 10, 2004.

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    Apple's online store is now promoting that iLife '04 is now shipping with all new macs. (graphic)

    iLife '04 was announced at MacWorld San Francisco and has been shipping as a separate product since Jan 15, 2004 for current Mac owners. iLife '04 comes free with all new Macs.
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    I missed it by 4 days and am not paying $19 just to ship it...
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    Agreed it's pretty outrageous that new buyers have to pay $19 to get the programs they were "promised" back in Jan.
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    although its about bleeping time
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    I believe the ad was up during the past 2 days.
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    You made a computer purchase 4 days before ilife was released? :confused:
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    Yep I ordered a mac out the special deals section on Tuesday the 3rd, I got it this Saturday and it did have a copy of iLife 04 in it, in CD version and DVD version. Even though the Apple people told me it wouldn't be in there.
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    My sister ordered an iMac 17" around 5 days after Macworld. She didn't get it. I've told her to call and ask about it but she is the type that is happy with what she got compared to the plague ridden Windows box she had.
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    Hmmm, got my first PB on 6 Jan (as soon as the keynote speech confirmed no new PBs)... it was a lemon so got a replacement one on 6 Feb. No iLife 04 in it tho.

    Have just convinced my sister to buy an eMac, ordered on Saturday so hopefully should arrive with iLife 04 for her. If so, will use that instead of paying 'shipping' for another copy for myself...

    And no, I wouldn't usually agree with 'borrowing' software but since I should have it anyway...
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    It was a necessary purchase - and a week after Steve Jobs said that all macs would ship with iLife. Stupid fine print...
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    Ja Di ksw

    maybe its just for macs you buy in Apple stores, but didn't it come with it before? My friend bought a pb 2 or 3 weeks ago in an Apple store, and it had the new iLife with garage band dvd and cd in it. . . . .
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    Re: iLife Shipping with New Macs

    The big question is "Where ARE the new macs?!?" I'm still waiting for those rumored upgrades. But what else is new.

    I think Apple wasn't able to keep it's MWSF promise of all macs shipping with iLife'04 because people like us were all waiting for the upgrades and held off on purchases and that slowed down the sell-down of inventory and the new macs with iLife couldn't get into the stores soon enough.

    Oh well. At least, better late than never. And better Mac than not.:)
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    great, now if they could just put out some new hardware, i'd be interested
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    "promised" to ship in February. Note the detail called: February. Get a grip and deal with it its $19 if you couldn't hold off until then tough. :rolleyes:
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    This will be another great program to look forward to with my new Power Mac G5. Hopefully I can by Fall.
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    I ordered my powerbook last thursday and the tracking says it'll be here this Thursday. You think i'll get iLife '04 with it ?
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    Although it is only $19, that's still almost half the price of iLife! :eek:

    I'm a little dissapointed it took this long, but what can you do. I didn't buy a computer, so I didn't get hurt, but whatever.

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    sweeeeet, buy iLife for $2999.00, get a new dual G5 FREE!!!


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    Ok, here's my question though.

    The lowest end education ibook only has a CD-rom, but Garageband is on the ilife DVD. So is there some exception with Garageband being on CDs in this case? Or can the CD-rom ibook simply not use Garageband?
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    Now the real question -- will they ship with the next (10.4) version of the OS?

    The iApps have been included in each OS release, and in general, have been used as selling points perhaps as much as the OS itself. Not to mention that OS upgrades almost always break the existing iApps. If they don't include an iTunes/iMovie/iPhoto with the next OS, they might need to come up with a few extra selling points.
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    Afraid not.

    I bought a refreshed eMac from an Apple store a week ago for my girl friend. It only had a cdrom in it, but I was going to swap out a cd-rw drive anyway. So paying $500 was not a bad deal with a student discount on top of it. To my surprize it had both Panther and Jaguar disks in it, and a copy of iLife '04. Panther wasn't loaded on though, they were upgrade disks, so I put those on. I was puzzled oh how to install the DVD iLife on a dvdrom-less machine. I just made an image of it in diskutility with my powerbook and transfered it on over. Mount and install.

    On a side note. The education iBook with a cd-rom is a rip off. You get half the memory of the upgrade, and you don't get a combo. Plain and simple, get the extra memory for another $50 and a combo drive for FREE if you do the upgrade. But if you've already bought... so sorry.
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    I ordered my powerbook last thursday too. Just got it yesterday, and it did come with iLife.
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    Except for iDVD. I see that you know this, since you mention iTunes/iMovie/iPhoto, but I don't want others to be confused. There have been complaints about iDVD's exclusion in Panther, so I'd expect it to be excluded again, even if iTunes/iMovie/iPhoto are included. Depending on who you ask, iDVD was excluded either because it was too big or because it didn't apply to all users since it depends on hardware. So to add to your question, would we expect GarageBand to be included if iTunes/iMovie/iPhoto are included, or is there a reason it wouldn't be treated as part of the package for the next major O.S. version?
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    Yup, no wonder the sales of iMac and eMac are lagging. I had 2K set aside for a new Apple at the beginning of the year, I waited as long as I could but no new hardware was announced so I got myself a widescreen TV instead. Oh well, maybe next year, a big maybe........
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    Well, it's a non-issue for me since I didn't buy. But wasn't Jobs' statement that "all new macs will ship with ilife04" as of Jan. 6? I understand why machines in inventory wouldn't have it preloaded. I'm just taking issue with Apple charging purchasers of "old" machines $19 to get software that's supposed to be included.

    If Jobs' statement was "all new macs sold after Feb. 5", then disregard the above.

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