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Illustrator crashes too often!!

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Josephkyles, Feb 15, 2007.

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    I'm using an intel C2Duo iMac with Illustrator, and it has been crashing left and right on me! I can NOT use the Pathfinder tool! If I do it instantly crashes! Whats going on here? Any advice?
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    Pathfinder crashes for me too.
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    There can be some issues running the old Rosetta-bound PPC version of Illustrator on an Intel Mac. Maybe this is one of them?

    Wait for CS3.
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    Probably most of the problem lies in the fact that it is running under Rosetta (unless you are using it in Parallels or Boot Camp). I've noticed even running Dreamweaver now crashes a lot more often on my new MBP and it almost never crashed on my iBook G4.

    The new universal binary version of Illustrator should be out soon though. I think in a couple months?
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    Oh, I found this in Adobe.com



    When you use Pathfinder commands, the knife tool, or other operations in Adobe Illustrator CS2, the application crashes with the following error message, "The application Illustrator has unexpectedly quit. Mac OS and other applications were not affected." Other operations could include Copy and Paste, scaling, moving, or others.


    You are running Illustrator CS2 on an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.4.8.


    Do one of the following solutions:

    Solution 1: Restart Illustrator with the Appearance palette hidden.

    1. Start Illustrator.

    2. Deselect Appearance from the Window menu.

    3. Quit and restart Illustrator.

    Note: You can show the Appearance palette after you have restarted Illustrator.The adverse behavior may re-appear in subsequent working sessions and you may have to repeat Solution 1.

    Solution 2: Run Illustrator in Mac OS X v10.4.7 or earlier.
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    Thanks, maybe this will work. I wish they come out with a patch to fix this issue!
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    Thats the weirdest bug ive seen in a long time.

    somehow connected to a floating palette, odd.
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    That bug makes Illustrator work quite hellish at times :eek:

    However, the solution on the Adobe site does seem to work. I have just made it a habit to deselect Appearance before I Quit.

    Also after a couple hours it seems to return. So save often! :)

    Can't wait for CS3!!!!
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    I've gotten around the Appearance pallet crash bug, but still find Illustrator under Rosetta extremely unstable. It crashes 50% of the time when I open InDesign, grr.
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    Hell I use a PPC G5 and Illustrator still crashes as often as a Tie fighter in a dog fight with Han Solo. :D
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    I guess I'm doing something right? I've never gotten an Illustrator crash on my PPC machines or my Intel machine.
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    I am not sure how prevalent this problem is with Intel Mac. I have been using PB for CS2 most of the time and I have not tried Illustrator with my MBP even though the program is already installed on my MBP. Is Illustrator known for software glitches?
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    same here - phew! hehe

    still, though.. come on CS3..!
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    No. Relative to other design apps, it's rock solid.

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