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Illustrator critique

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by sowillo14, Feb 14, 2008.

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    I did this rendering of a roll-off dumpster truck that will go on a logo of the same kind of company. I did this as the first project of my internship. The truck will go on top of a clover, with the name of the company. My job was to render the truck in Illustrator.


    PS...The green background was just for posting it here without the CS checkerboard background;)

    PSS....I only had two days to complete it. Hard to do with all my other homework.:rolleyes:
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    it's pretty good. You definately know you way around illustrator, but if i may make a few suggestions.

    #1 The gradient in the window is too harsh. It almost looks just like the gradient on the bumper, and so it almost looks like windshield is bending.

    #2 you have about 2 or 3 different styles going on in this illustration. you've got semi-photorealistic and like a black-line cartoon look going on. The actual dump on truck isn't rendered as realistically as other parts are...almost like you gave up on it. The Hydraulic lift on the dump has no perspective so it looks like it's coming out the side of the truck. and there are a lot of flat pieces in there that should feel dimensional. I"m not saying add a gradient to everything, but something need a little something.


    also, what kind of logo needs a full-out rendered truck in it. Sounds really complicated.
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    Very nicely done.

    Do you have the original image that you traced by chance? Just curious to see the comparison.

    Oh, and watch the paths on the front bumper, seems to be a spot of trouble with the blue.

    I agree also that you should tone down the gradients a bit, it's too harsh in some places.

    On the whole, a good effort :)
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    Agreed. That's what I thought. Unless the logo is ONLY going to be on the side of the trucks themselves I'd stick to only keeping it one color (then add colors to it afterwards).

    Unless of course the client wants it that way... of course printing anything will be expensive - as you would only be able to go either greyscale or CMYK :p
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    Yeah... The truck "bed" is a little off (doesn't look like it would drop down into place) so I don't know if it has been traced. At least not from an image with the "bed" in the up position
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    This is the original

    This is exactly what the client wanted...
    It will go on the side of their trucks....

    One thing I love about everyone here is that I get good honest criticism. I really appreciate it, because the next time I have to render a vehicle, I will keep all you have said in mind.:)I know what Jason was saying about the can, but I knew I was going to have to put the phone number on it, and there is no way that would've happened with all the slats on the sides of those dumpsters. Once again, thanks too everyone who posted!:apple::apple:

    If you look on my wireframe, I have a nice path that was going to be a reflection of the visor off the windshield, but time didn't permit.:mad:So, they got the pissed off gradient look. Remember, this was done for free by me. I realize that I am an intern, but they would have had to sub that out to someone else, or said F: you. They are only Ps dudes, that do web design, so any serious vectoring will come to me. But I love it.:confused::D

    Hell, I had an opacity mask set up for it to, to make it fade out on the surface. Oh well..Thats what I get for being a realist.:eek::apple:
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    Roll-off truck illustration

    I work for a roll-off company that is currently updating our website. I would like to have you design a similar truck for our companies site. Obviously we would be willing to compensate you for your time. If interested please respond to this thread.
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    The containers are usually wide enough to go over the wheels.
    AKA your red box is not wide enough.
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    Brilliant, Love the logo on the truck. Wasn't expecting that :D.

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