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Illustrators, Lets share our work, techniques, mediums...

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by freeny, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Hey Illustrators, lets share our work. Anything you got. Digital or not. I have a good feeling we have quite a bit of talent here and would love to share.

    Ill start.
    "Fates that await"
    this is a piece I did back in the early 90's that I sold to a tattoo mag. Graphite on paper aprox. 11"x14"
    I was a bit insane then and had the patience for this stuff:p
    click on image for a larger view.

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    WOW! 24 hours and still no feedback?

    Moderator, Please change the name of this thread to-

    "Freeny has posted an image of an illustration he did in the early 90's. Now move along. Theres nothing to see here".:p

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