iLounge Notes Potentially Dealbreaking Issues With Griffin and Vaja Cases

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MICHAELSD, Apr 4, 2010.

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    iLounge noted issues with two popular iPad cases that are currently available. The Griffin Flexgrip doesn't line up with the iPad completely correctly. The mic and the headphone jack cutouts are poorly placed on the Flexgrip. Vaja's "Slim Retro Jacket" sleeve has an oversight, leading to a dealbreaking design flaw for some. It would be difficult to put your iPad into and take out of the $120+ sleeve without rubbing it against the multiple exposed metal magnets that hold the sleeve together while it is closed.


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    Yeah that's the risk of buying accessories for the iPad without the manufacturer having access to the unitnto properly test the fit.
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    Well, Vaja's sleeve issue really is an overlooked design flaw that they didn't even need a mold of an iPad to figure out. Especially for such an expensive sleeve designed to protect your iPad. Rubbing your iPad against metal constantly will leave a lot of noticeable marks.

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