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im a quarter of a century today and all i want is...

Discussion in 'Community' started by g30ffr3y, May 22, 2003.

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    its true its true... i know im kinda quiet around here, but ive been at least reading these forums for a while now... so for my 25th birthday all i want is a 30 gig ipod and a dual 970 system to play unreal 2k3 on... anyone... steve-o... help... to everyone at macrumors... this is the best place for mac info, news and help... thanks...

    ps. going to see the matrix reloaded for the third time tonight... hooray...
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    Happy birthday!

    But, nobody bought me a dual 970 and 30 gig iPod when I reached 25 last year.. :( So I won't get you one! :p
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    Happy B-Day g30ffr3y and may you have another 3/4 of a century to go! Well deinitely the 30 gig iPod is within reach, money would be the only object! Is someone going to spring? We are just a month till the big announcement, then we can all have our dreams realized!
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    happy 25th birthday ;)
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    Happy Birthday! I'll be joining you in August. :)
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    sweet, so do you have an extra wheelchair to borrow while i'm there?? ;)
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    Yup. I'm graduating to a mechanical model with an integrated colostomy bag.
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    are you up for some colon irrigation sessions while i'm there?
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    Happy Birthday! I hope you get your iPod and 970 soon! :)
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    I'll have to check my schedule. I might have a prostate exam appointment...
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    no no... i'm serious. i figure there's some good spas out there. if i don't get a chance to have a family irrigation session when we hit up AZ, then i'll definitely be overdue.
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    Hey, I'll leave that up to you. I'm not exactly a high colonic connoisseur.
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    I turned 25 last year and all I got was a lousy Medi-chair. It wasn't even new, and one of the wheels was squeeky. That and a pack of Depends. The scented kind. You know, that smell that old people have like medicine. It comes from scented Depends Geezer Diapers. Man, I stink!
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    Yeah, I hear you. I hear the new "Spring Fresh" scent is supposed to be better.
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    Just think you guys will be squeaky clean and healthy! That must be one of those real special spas! Going in for the full treatment? :p
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    wow... thanks everyone...

    thanks guys... gals... geeks... if money were no object id have an ipod by now, but im buying a house next week so i cant use my charge cards for a bit... apple has plenty of my money already... though i didnt get a colonic irrigation or an ipod just quite yet im having a great day and am pretty amped up to go out and party this weekend... thursdays just a quiet day for me... anyway... i think its time to put the computer down and relax... thanks...
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    happy birthday to u. happy birthday to u, etc..., etc....happy birthday to u:D
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    happy birthday. If he gets a computer and an iPod I get a computer as well. The iPod isn't necessary. ;)
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    ha. i hope that most spas do it... i don't want to have to go do to a super upscale one... if only for price.

    rower- i did some research on irrigation and it seems it'd be like 50-80 bucks for one session... you generally lose 5-8 pounds of colonic encrustments. all this stuff is keeping you from being able to absorb important minerals into your system, and i feel it's the real first step to better health. and while you as a meat eater will probably have more disgusting encrustments, my 17ish years of eating meat certainly will have left its mark.

    i'm game.
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    Congratulations on getting to a quarter of a century.

    This is a coincidence for me (sort of) because my dad is turning HALF a century old tommorow.

    Best of luck to all those with birthdays this month.

    Btw, I'm turning 16 in about 7 months, and I want a new 970 PowerMac, too. Can I post a similar thread? :D And can someone buy the 970 for me? ;)
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    I'm glad to see that you are thinking about your health at such a young age! There are definitley many tests available now to keep us healthy! The problem is getting Americans to avail themselves fo these tests!
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    Tell your Dad that I said happy 50th B-day. I remember mine, don't know how your father views it, but it was my 40th B-Day that bothered me the most!

    You are a very lucky young man to have a B-Day coinciding with the expected release the the PPC 970. I think that you should post a thread on your B-Day, will be interested to hear about your day. About you request for a PPC 970, that's what dad's are for. Maybe if you help him around the house this summer and doing odd jobs you will earn respect toward your goal! ;)
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    hmm.... dare i say it.... rower was joking (i think). ;)

    as for telling ibookin's dad you said happy bday.... i can see it now:

    ibookin: hey dad, wdlove said happy 50th!

    dad: awesome, tell him i said thanks....

    dad: wait, who's wdlove????

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