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I'm confused about PowerMac G4 M8570 specs?!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Bakey, Apr 20, 2006.

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    Please help!! I feel like I'm going insane...

    I've recently purchased a PowerMac G4 MDD; more specifically an M8570 and was purchased as a single-processor G4 1.25.

    But from all of the specifications I've read, I'm under the impression it should be a dual-processor rig! More so as it's an MDD, and again I was always under the impression that from the off these were dual not single... I'm confused!?!

    Could somebody out there please put me out of my misery and confirm that these machines did actually arrive as both single and dual set-ups; more so could somebody point me in the right direction for the specifications PDF over at Apple.com as this is the only one I can find that appears to be of relevance to my machine - even though all of the model numbers are incorrect.

    My confusion is compounded after visiting Verax with regards to cooling, and it clearly states that their solution is "principally" for dual-processor G4's; specifically model numbers M8787, M8689, M8570, M8573, M8839, M9145, M8840, and M8841.

    Help... I'm all confused... :confused: ;)
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    open it up and look inside, see if its recognized in the system profiler, you should be able to look at it inside and see if its dual
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    System Profile states it's only a single processor machine; followed the trusty serial number checker and it reports it as being an M9451 -- I think that's what it said, as I'm not in front of the machine at present I'll not be able to confirm!

    Either way, the model number stamped above the USB ports on the reverse of the case is M8570 whilst the on-line serial checker is reporting it as an M9451... Now I'm even more confused!?

    I'll have to wait until this evening being I can crack it open and have a look around the internals...

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    Jaffa Cake

    Some MDD Power Macs came as single processor machines – one of them was indeed a 1.25GHz model.
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    It sounds like you bought a single 1.25Ghz model if the system profiler shows only one processor. Apple made two different single G4's in the MDD body, the 1Ghz and the 1.25Ghz.
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    Or someone swapped out a dual for a single before they sold it to you. Either way it's a pretty solid machine, and upgradable if you want to.
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    Cheers for the feedback, it's very much appreciated.

    Actually, regardless of the PM G4 being a single or dual processor machine [actually how would I tell if one had been removed when opening her up?] it's one of the many Apple machines I've always wanted just from the perspective of its design.

    I really don't think I'll be getting rid, but then again I thought that about my iBook G4 as it's sadly having to be moved on to make for the PM!

    Next on my list of collectables is [hopefully] a cube and an iMac G4... :rolleyes:

    Anyway, many thanks again... ;)
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    Yes, they did make a single proccesor configuration of that computer.. oh and by the way, if anyone ever tells you that you're computer is out of date and barely capable of doing todays tasks.... kick them in the ass.

    The computer you just got will remain very capable for at least another 2 years. In fact, that computer is barely slower than the iMac Core Duo. The difference in speed between it, and the imac, is the same difference as between the iMac and the 2.0Ghz G5 tower. Not very much.

    Hope you enjoy your amazing computer.. and don't let steve take your money before you're good and ready. That computer is much faster than steve wished it were.
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    sort of the same topic

    Just curious, i'm also considering buying on of these pm g4's, but with the dual 1.25 ghz. My question is how, with a decent video card, will this computer play h.264 HD content on my 24" dell lcd? Also, will aperture run fine? I'm guessing it will since the min. rec. system is a single powerbook g4 above 1.25ghz (for some reason on the apple website there is no mention of the pm g4). I have to use a windows machine for my primary workload but I thought this may a nice cheap way to keep a mac in the house. I was also considering the intel mac mini but I'm somewhat turned of by the integrated graphics card I've also heard that the mac mini processor is upgradable. This is a tough choice between old and new. Both would go for roughly the same price with the older g4 being about $100 cheaper.
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    If it was one of the PMG4s released immediately after the launch of the PMG5, then this is concievable: Apple released both single and dual 1.25GHz PowerMac models...and the single-processor models were far more popular. They could have just thrown an SP processor/mobo in an older case, to burn off their supply.
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    You can't. A processor wouldn't have been removed from a dual (they're on the same daughter card). The previous owner COULD have replaced the dual card with a single card. But it's doubtful, it's probably just a single.

    And again, either way you have a great machine there. :)

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