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I'm Done with MM!!!

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by kaflyboy, Aug 15, 2008.

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    Sorry to unload guys, but MM is an absolute disaster. Over the last few weeks i have missed several appointments (money making business appointments) because something i have put on my iPhone has not made it to my Outlook 2007 and vice versa..I have been as patient as I possibly can be with this service and the result is, it simply does not work consistantly.

    I have tried everything they tell me to do (the MM support) and i cannot get my MM to sync properly under any circumstances. The worst part is (and i wish i had saved my chat session today) is the tech support has no clue what they are doing. I quote "there is no telephone number for Mobile Me support". There is also no supervisor available to "run problems up the flagpole". I was on "chat hold" for over 45 minutes in the last 2 days to be told, someone will get back to you tomorrow via email. that was yesterday, i have not recieved a response today.

    Seriously tell me, what can we do to rectify this situation? no qualified tech support and no functioning software. is there a place, or a person, or a phone number, to call to get this fixed???

    thanks for listening to my venting...
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    If you want to keep MM and get your problem resolved, Probably the best thing to do is to call Corporate Customer Relations (408-996-1010, ask for customer relations), explain your situation, they will probably put you in touch with a product specialist, who will send your information to an engineering team and then they will get info back to you through the product specialist.

    At least that's what I ended up doing today and the results I got.

    And it might be the best you could hope for.
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    I know you will like this but a lot of us are not having any problems so maybe it is a setup issue. Are you only using 1 PC wit outlook and 1 iPhone or is it much more complicated. If you really want to make it work try to simplify with test data and remember that the MM cloud is the master copy and everyhing syncs with it.
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    Yes- i am only using one PC (XP) and 1 iPhone. Anything i put on my PC calendar (i am just starting with the calendar because that is most important) does not push to "the cloud". the @me email address works fine so i know it is connecting to the me.com account, however, nothing in the sync is working properly.

    i am trying to manually sync (direct via sync cable) and it is taking about 30-45 minutes to sync calendar. i dont think it should take that long???
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    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 2_0_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/525.18.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.1.1 Mobile/5B108 Safari/525.20)

    Outlook 2003 or 2007? The rest of your post is confusing. Calendar and Contacts are Sync not Push and it is OTA, no cable.
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    Basically i want to back up to where i started which is, no mobile me. i want to sync my calendar and contacts to my iphone. i deleted all my mobile me account info on iphone and plugged my iphone into my computer with my white sync cable. my itunes has been saying syncing contacts "with my iphone" for about 30 minutes.

    i want to get all my contacts and calendars back on my iphone without using mobile me.

    it seems to be taking forever... could something be wrong?

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