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I'm going to San Juan on Monday...

Discussion in 'Community' started by cr2sh, Jan 16, 2004.

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    Guys work is booming right now. I worked 84hours last week and this week is going to top 100 without much problem. Its insane. I'm in Titusville Florida for a few days doing some work on the Cape, tomorrow I'm flying down to Miami and on Monday I'm flying into San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    I've never been to Puerto Rico, or any island for that matter. I don't know what to expect. As the crew chief I'll be the first to arrive, I've got to get hotels, cars, and get prepped for the following day. As busy as I've been I haven't had a chance to do much research... I don't even know if my cell phones (ATT & Verizon) will work down there. I'll be down until Saturday (5days) and I'll have two nights off (monday and friday) if anyone can offer suggestions of what to do those days/nights, I'm all ears.

    MacRumors.. the place for travel advice!:D
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    You should have a great time there. I grew up in San Juan until I was 17. Beautiful island, with tons to do. Old San Juan is great to walk around. Be sure to check out El Morro castle. It's a 400 year old spanish fort, full of cool stuff and wonderful views of San Juan Bay. Also, be sure to go to the beach. The one that pops to mind is Luquillo Beach. Also, very close to it is El Yunque, the only Tropical Rain Forest in the USA. I could suggest a billion othher things (The Camuy Caves, El Conquistador Resort, The Lighthouse at Cabo Rojo) but you just won't have enough time in two days to see it all.

    As far as cellphones, Verizon should work. I use Sprint, and have no roaming charges of any kind when I'm down there. I''d call Verizon just to be sure, though. Same goes for AT&T.

    Right now I'd suggest sticking to the Old San Juan area. The "Fiestas de San Sebastián" are going on (Saint Sebastian parties) where all these artists and crafts-makers are displaying their work on the San Sebastian Street. It's awesome!

    Be sure to have an ice-cold coconut, some "bacalaitos", "piononos", "piña colada", "tostones" and of course, "mofongo".

    Have a great trip!
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    What about using credit cards as oppossed to cash? How hard will I find it to buy with a CC? Any experience getting from San Juan to the Roosevelt base?
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    Hi cr2sh, I certainly hope that your trip will be successful. By the way we are both Buckeyes. I grew up in Middletown just 20 miles south of you on I-75.

    I was only in Puerto Rico once. It was while I was a Captain in the USAFR, Air Evac. Landed at the San Juan Air Force base. On the ground for only a short time.

    I worked with a lady, that grew up in Puerto Rico. She still has family there and visits when she can. Said that it is beautiful country. In the cities a lot of the people speak English.

    While I worked at my local VA Hospital in the Transplant Unit, I took care of several patients from Puerto Rico. They were always friendly and polite. Very appreciative of the care that they received.
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    Credit cards are the same deal as in the US. Visa, Master Card, AmEx, Discover... most shops and restaurants will take all of them. Also, there's ATM's everywhere, and there's no difference in currency (US dollars, same as here).

    I assume you mean the Roosevelt Roads Naval Base. I can't give you driving directions, but any map of the San Juan Metropolitan Area should work. Or, take a taxi. As wdlove said, most people in San Juan speak at least some english. I don't think you'll have much trouble getting around, as long as you don't lose your cool.
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    Never been, but would love to go. My dad has been there a few times. In fact, it's one of his favorite vacation spots. If I remember this evening, I'll ask him what he liked most. ;)
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    eyelikeart: i love your new avatar.. very nice.

    Well, I arrived today.. wow, the traffic is amazing. People going every direction, no turn signals, people stopped on the side of the highway... somethign else. Everyone speaks spanish, and english in a spanish accent.. tomorrow I'm driving to the other side of the island try to find a cheaper hotel and meeting with some folks.

    I'll let you know whats up. Its like 80degrees and humid... very nice. :)
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    Yeah, traffic is kind of nutty down there. Just don't assume you know what the other people are going to do, and you'll be fine.

    80 degrees... Mmmmm!

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