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I'm gunna start charging!

Discussion in 'Community' started by Beej, May 9, 2002.

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    I'm going to have to start charging people to put my name in their signatures! First cleo, then Backtothemac and now 3rdpath... I've created a monster!!!

    ...or something.


    † ™ & © 2002.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Hey, at least I'm doing work for people who put my name in their sig![​IMG]

    Don't let all the notoriety go to your head.....

    So you just get up? What time is it down there?
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    I got up a while ago, and I'm off to Uni now. It's 10:20 am 'down here'. :p
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    Re: I'm gunna start charging!

    Hey I earned it didn't I? I made you laugh right? Let me know if not and I will remove it. Maybe ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    It all adds character to the site. Keep it. And be a little stingy with the 'awards', make them really work for it![​IMG]
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    ahhh, down unda!
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    id fell privliged/honored to have my name in others sigs..provided its positive or meant to be funny not mean etc. etc.

    but i have to do something worht mentioning in a sig i guess.

    dig it.
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    hey whats with the smoking? and is that jodie foster?
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    No it's not Jodie Foster. And the smoking thing is to do with my whole string of 'hardcore' avatars. Hard to explain, you just had to see them.


    I'm not saying I have anything against people using my name in their signature, I just thought I might be able to make a buck or two, kind of a $0.005 per view or something ;) Again, just a joke. :p

    As for being stingy on the awards, well, I've given out two "Damn Funny" awards. One to cleo and one to mymemory.

    I have no idea where Bactkothemac got the idea he was the runner up... I'm rather confused about that one. Like I've said I don't mind, but Backtothemac, could you please explain?

    I also said "not listening" several times to 3rdpath, but there was no award to be had there. I see he's removed it. 3rdpath - you're welcome to put it back. I'll happily give you the 'not listening award' if you want! :D
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    easy Beej!! leave the charging for the bulls.
    oh, you mean money charging, ok then, go for it!:D
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    Originally posted by Backtothemac

    Cleo, aren't you a lady? If not please excuse me. If you are, I love you.
    That's almost worthy of the second ever:

    "That's damn funny" award

    ...but not quite Pretty funny stuff, though

    I thought that would qualify as a runner up. ;) Besides just being behind Cleo in anything is a good thing :p :D ;)
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    Oh right! Sorry man, I totally forgot about that! :) I'm getting old... my memory is going... ;)

    Yeah, that qualifies for a runner up :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Hardcore Pawn, hmm[​IMG]

    Not bad, black is definitely better than white, but I'm not sure I like it as much as the corn. Great theme you've got, though. But you're running out of possibilities, of the top of my head...

    Vahn (as in the actor, Vince)
    Gone (that would be tough)
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    LOL. Hey, tell me about getting old. It's like you hit 30 and your body says, well that was fun excuse me while I go to S**T. Oh, any don't worry, your check is in the mail.
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    He's leaving Venezuela? Good for him. It's pretty tough down there from what he says.
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    and thus, with a royal command it was restored. and there was peace throughout the land once again.:)

    thanks and i'll not give away any more plotlines.....

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