I'm in....the iToilet

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by davidra, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Wow. But shouldn't it be aluminum? ;)
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    LOL, my skinny ass would fall in.
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    OK...one toke over the line...:rolleyes:
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    I'd buy that, but I'm probably gonna wait 6 months for an upgraded, thicker drain pipe....
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    Bigger bowl???
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    A Hebrew

    How much does that cost?
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    Thinner aluminium which will make it lighter, with the parts all put together with friction stir welding. Apple will continue using their unibody design; the iToilet will be made with a combination of porcelain and anodized aluminium. The porcelain will be lined with a faexaphobic polymer, ensuring the lack of **** stains through thousands of uses. The new flushing processer has an all new chip design, making this toilet the fastest flusher in the industry. Apple has gone to great lengths with design innovations in the iToilet, that users won't actually see, but will certain experience. The jet streams that shoot water have been positioned asymmetrically, creating a more efficient whirlpool whilst ensuring a thorough cleaning of waste, all the while saving water at the same time.
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    sweet jesus...
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    Wait 6 months and you will see Microsoft creating theirs but it won't flush half the times.
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    Does it come with AppleCare?
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    why would you want to do a number 2 on/in an apple logo? Shouldn't it be a windows logo or a Samsung logo?
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    Never buy revA. itoilet 2 is thinner and lighter and is going to be out in 6 months.
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    But...should I buy it now, or wait for the next version!!?? Will the next one be much better?

    Which color should I get...is the current color OK for a guy (a very manly guy!)??

    I just can't decide....
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    No you weren't.:D
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    I'd buy it, but it only flushes at 5400 spm (Swirls Per Minute).

    Let's hope that the next model will have SSD ("Solid ****** Disposer").
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    Cleary a RevA design. It has a push button flush. I'm waiting for the touchscreen swipe to flush model myself. Hell, even the toilets at the mall are motion activated. Ivey is clearly losing it. Push to flush? Please. That's so 1950's. Get with the program Apple. And there should be a sensor to deploy the bidet when your hershey squirts need a little extra to splash down.
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    A touchscreen toilet? I wouldn't touch it.

    I already swipe to clean. Shake to clear is another thing entirely.
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    Well played Tomato.....well played :)
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    As long as they don't decide to make it out of glass..
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    Imagine the possibilies with Siri...

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