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I'm not a criminal but...

Discussion in 'Community' started by Penman, Jul 30, 2004.

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    I'm not a criminal but I need to find a font (or the font) that's used on credit cards for the embossed type. I'm designing a fake credit card for a website design and can't seem to find it via google. If it's not the right font the whole thing looks wrong. Any idea what it's called and/or where I might buy it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm afraid I can't offer much help, but I think it's safe to say that your "I'm not a criminal but..." title is sure to catch a lot of people's attention.
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    Try to find MICR and OCRA. Both fonts are made by adobe. The MICR font looks like the MICR numbers on the bottom of a check, but OCRA is probably a bit closer to what you need.

    Or you could just search for some typewriter type fonts.
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    That's what caught my attention. Was wondering what the but would be about. Also knowing that I'm not a criminal.
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    I Have To Agree

    When I saw the "but..." part I wanted to see what you were doing that maybe you shouldn't be doing. But now that I know you're not doing anything bad I'm sorry to tell you that I cannot help. Sorry.
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    Interestingly enough the most recent MacWorld includes an article about a designer that did the American Express ads, showing how he rendered them in 3D... but alas, it does not mention the font used. The designer is Rob Magiera of Noumena Digital ( http://www.studionoumena.com ). You might try contacting him, and picking up a copy of the MacWorld for tips on creating the card...

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    Are you saying that if he was trying to do something illegal you'd help him? ;) :D
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    I'm not a criminal but...does anyone know how to remove fingerprints from a 9mm Beretta? Thanks. :eek:
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    just change the grip thats fingerprint resistant :)
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    Savage Henry

    For what it's worth I very much doubt you'll be able to get one because the 'V's in Visa cards are deliberately skewed to make the first line vertical rather than the traditional symetric representation as a deliberate design act against fraud. I'm not a criminal myself but I thought you might like to know that.
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    Ah...great thanks. I don't suppose you also know how to remove all traces of DNA from an area? Thanks. :)
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    In that case, could he scan a couple of his own credit cards in, extract the letters, and jumble them up for his purposes?
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    Actually, a heavy sprinkling of DNase might be a little more effective. I'm sure chemical companies sell them.
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    umm...not a criminal (of course) but does anyone know where you can get those lock picks that explode in the lock? those are awesome...
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    just kidding
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    You want Farrington 7B. It's sometimes also called OCR 7B. It's really not the same as OCR-A, major differences are in the 1 and 8.

    If the font is hard to find, you can snarf decent representations from the PDF available from http://www.recoscript.com/english/srs-classi.htm
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    Some ammonia or windex should work fine. ;) DNA though? I have no clue. Good luck with that one!
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    I agree.

    As for exploding lockpicks, we call that small amount of plastic explosive. Of course most locks don't open that way, you either have to blow it completely off or cut the locking ring. If you damage the middle but don't sever it, it won't open.
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    Thanks for all the help and the comedy too. I'm close enough now. The numbers in OCR-A look good and the differences don't destroy the effect. cheers.

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