I'm not using the power that I have with my iBook :(

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by slooksterPSV, Oct 26, 2005.

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    I have so much power with my new iBook, but I feel like I'm wasting it, cause the main things I do are listen to music and post on this website. Now I do use Photoshop (30 day trial) a lot right now, so that's a plus, but I feel like I could do more. I opened up all the apps in my dock - lets see... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19... in about 5 min. I opened them all at once so my dock was bouncing.

    I need something to push my iBook to the limits otherwise I feel like I'm wasting its potential. Do you guys feel this way with new computers?

    Now now, don't get me wrong. I love this computer cause of its speed... computer? no no no I love this Macintosh, cause of its speed, response time, uptime... I'm going to restart and time it.
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    eh?... Ok... Start folding? :confused:
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    folding@home is a way to use CPU cycles.

    heck, I use my 15" PowerBook for Adium, email, and Safari!

    ..then again I didn't pay for a music studio...
    *giggles to self* hehe.

    Hmm... start to encode video.
    Lots of video.
    for no reason.
    then you'll be using it!
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    Your right, why not donate part of my computer towards getting a cure for Cancer, AIDS, and the likes. But still. I want more... the video thing, I don't have a video capture USB Device.
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    Folding for MacRumors!
    Anyways, I love this computer, so don't get me wrong there, but I still feel like there is more I can do with it. Maybe its that I want other programs like Illustrator and Dreamweaver - full actual versions, not trial
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    I know what you mean I feel like I am not using my 15" PB to its full potential. If you like Photoshop but dont want to pay the full price there is a program called GIMP that is very similar to Photoshop but it is free. There is also a hack for GIMP called GIMPshop which makes it even more like photoshop.
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    heh, between 50-80% of the CPU power of my G5 (single 1.8) is usually idle. So yeah, I'm "wasting" it... but I just figure it will last me that much longer.

    edit: oh, btw, this is why I think it's silly how much people complain about macs needing faster processors. sure, there are people who need ever Mhz they can get (a professional photographer friend of mine often has both processors on his dual 2.5 G5 maxed out), but for a lot of us, we've already got more than enough.
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    I've used GIMP and Seashore. I'll look at GIMPshop though. - I have Photoshop trial
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    Just because your processor idles doesn't mean you're wasting it, lol.

    Are you "wasting" your car because you don't go 120mph?

    A new computer should always be that way. Enjoy it because in a few years, it won't seem fast at all.
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    Buy a game. Games solve everything.
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    I sorta feel like that too. My powerbook always amazes me with its power (most recently; the Doom 3 demo running better than on my Windows laptop which, on paper, has double the speed and a miles better graphics card), i do reach the limits sometimes but very rarely. even encoding into H.264 isn't that bad! I can encode, use iTunes and photoshop and have no slowdown?

    oh god how does OSX do that?! :eek: talk about a realisation moment.

    I cant fold. i've tried it twice and nothing was happening. i'm also a crusader in this house for limiting download speeds (slowing the network down) so i'd be a hypocrite if i start draining the connection.
    I am surprised though, i mean the iBook hasn't got *that* much power has it? although right now i do wish i went for an iBook rather than powerbook. ho hum!
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    Wow DOOM 3 plays a lot better than what I expected. It's fun too on the iBook. Scary as hell though. Anyone else play DOOM 3 Demo on their iBook?
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    what about messing around with a learning edition of some 3d software? maya has personal learning edition, lightwave used to have discovery edition but not sure if it still does, etc. although i'd recommend spanning to an external monitor if you have one (lightwave at least is painful on 1024x768 and i assume others are too)
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    I should. That sounds good.... I'm considering, after posting a thread, if I should buy Doom 3 for my iBook - I'd upgrade my RAM to at least 1GB first.
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    Also for Folding! But it doesn't drian your internet connection, only uses it when it needs to download (about 100Kb) a new WorkUnit, or upload a finished one (at the most 2 MB). So that would hardly take a minute. Also, if you have any folding questions, that nothing happens or something, post them in the distributed computing section. We all have a lot of experience with folding and sometimes it looks that way that nothing is happening. We always are ready to help!
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    Huh? I have a 1.67/2GB/9700 128 and it gets owned when there are 3+ monsters on the screen. :confused:
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    You could take some comfort in the fact that your iBook is one of the slowest computers that Apple currently sells (it's only 80 Mhz faster than the lowest mac mini). If it really bugs you, you could sell it and get a used iBook G3.
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    You had 19!! apps open at once with 512MB?!!!! How in the........ I have 768MB and dont usally open more than 5 at once. Did you just open stuff and not have any windows open in it, cause OS X allocates RAM based on the need for each app, so if you're not doing anything in that app then I guess you could open 19 apps at once.... with only 512MB of RAM......

    Oh, ya... umm you're not wasting anything, but games are probably the best solution to your "problem." You don't have to learn how to use any new software and it won't make you feel inclined to spend tons of $$ on a video/still camera.......
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    Heck, no, I found out what I can do, besides using less processing power wastes less battery power so, for those times I'm on the road not doing anything too critical I'm conserving =D. Besides, I love playing doom 3 on this baby. I'm going to play it again and take some screenshots for you guys.
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    I downloaded the version of Maya that was reccomended and I am watching some of the training videos. Hopefully I can learn this pretty well and start to make some cool things.
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    if you are in college you can get some serious discounts on macromedia and adobe products
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    I think my school is an Accredited K-12 school so I can get them like that. $400 or $500 for Adobe CS2 and Studio 8... haven't checked. - I'd rather go with Adobe for Photoshop and Illustrator, Macromedia for Flash and Dreamweaver.
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    Are you running in Window Mode? I guess that would explain some things.

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    You wanna use your iBook's power? Load up iPhoto w/ 20,000 photos... just try it and get back to us.

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