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IM+ on sale for $2.99

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by E3BK, Dec 22, 2010.

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    pretty nice deal, especially since Beejive rips you off and sells their app for $10 for each device. Works pretty well and has Skype chat also.
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    Beejive is also on sale right now at $4.99 (its lowest price yet).

    Edit: I see that price is for the iPhone. The iPad is still $9.99 :(
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    Yeah, I'm all for supporting devs (I've never pirated an app) but charging $9.99 EACH is a total rip off. I love Beejive on my iPhone and was looking forward to using it on the ipad as well but seriously, that's just insane. IM+ works on both iPhone & iPad. Totally worth it.
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    Agree, no way I'm paying twice for Beejive, it was already one of the more expensive iPhone apps. IM+ will make a killing with this sale and making it UNIVERSAL for everyone.

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