I'm so excited!!!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by guitarded, Aug 6, 2005.

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    Hi everybody. I'm new to the macrumors forums and I must say that from browsing around it seems like a great forum/community and I hope to become a frequent poster.

    Anyway... the reason that I'm so excited is that i just sold my gamecube on ebay for $88 and now I have enough money for my first iPod!!! Anyway, just wanted to tell someone about it. YAHOO!!!
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    mad jew

    Good stuff. :)

    Do you have a Mac to go with it?
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    nope... no mac...

    Next thing I'll do is start saving 1,000 bucks so I can get one. But seriously, I want a mac but they're just so expensive... I wish I could get one but I guess I'll just have to use a lame rippoff (Windows Vista)
    Oh Well...
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    Windows vista's only gonna run on high end machines (aka, closer to $1k)
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    Yeah save for a new system and run Windows Vista or simple enough, get a mac, they're pretty cheap now...not to say cheap but the prices are kinda low now...
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    I guess I'm just doomed to be a winblows loser for life...

    Anyway, Should I get my iPod ingraved or not? The reason I'm asking is because if I get it ingraved then if I ever try to sell it, I wouldn't be able to get much. But... if I don't get it ingraved then it will likely get lost at school because there are tons of people at my school who have non-ingraved iPods and it could get lost in the coarse of a day.
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    The pointer sisters - do I win?
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    mad jew

    Well if the hype of the media is anything to go by, this iPod should make you want that Mac much much more. :)

    As for engraving the iPod, I never bothered since it's not really one of those things you should ever let out of your sight anyway. Plus, they scratch pretty easily, which is I suppose an inbuilt way of personalising them so we know who's is who's. :D
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    What type of iPod? CMon, you're excited so tell us more!

    Work hard, put up with your winblows machine (if it's running well then don't worry about it too much) and before you know it you'll have enough to go buy a shiny new Mac - it took a while for me to get enough cash for my iBook but it was all worth it in the end, it's odd to think of a Mac as an accessory for an iPod but it's becoming increasingly common these days for people to love the iPod experience so much they go and buy a Mac.

    There's nothing wrong with having a Windows PC if there is no way you can afford a Mac (I may get destroyed for saying that but mate, priorities are king) just enjoy that you have one foot in the door with your new iPod and use the time you spend saving to figure out if the switch is really for you (cause in a number of cases it really isn't) then disregard that thought and go buy a Mac.
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    During the course of the day it should be on your person at all times, safe inside a little protective case - like a safe or fallout shelter.

    I would not get it engraved as you will have a hard time selling it when you want to upgrade to a the next big thing in iPods.
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    Lol..i think you should engrave it if " it could get lost in the coarse of a day. "
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    Especially if the course of the day is particularly coarse - it'll get scratched up easily.....
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    I'm gonna get the new iPod with a color screen. I'm excited!!! I guess I won't get it ingraved. thanks for the input!!! :D

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