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I'm still putting my 1st Generation Nano to work.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Spectrum Abuser, Sep 28, 2011.

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    Spectrum Abuser

    With the next iPod refresh line just around the corner I thought I'd share a photo I took of my first iPod, ever. It still works to this day and I actively use it for music listening just because it's so much more comfortable to hold compared to my iPhone. It rocks a solid 1GB of storage with 16MB of RAM and a dual-core processor each clocked at 80Mhz respectively. It was also one of the first iPods to come with a full color LCD. I'm pretty sure the iPod Photo was the only one that beat it.

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    Very cool. I had one of these and loved it. Are all the parts you mentioned original? Hows the battery?
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    Spectrum Abuser

    Everything is original. And I usually have it on a dock but when I do exercise with it the battery usually lasts a little over two hours. Not bad for a five year old device.
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    that is a thoroughly impressive lack of scratches. Heck, my 4th gen touch even has a bit of the usual chrome scratching on it even though it's always been in a case. My 2nd gen nano and 1st gen touch are pretty beat up. how did you do it?
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    Spectrum Abuser

    I never really put much thought into that actually! Lets see here..

    When I first got it I recieved a free gel case with the purchase and that stayed on it for around six months or so. After that my friend had won a pack of Nano skins and he offered one to me. We put that on and for the next two years it stayed in that which also happened to be the heaviest period of time I used it. In late-ish 2009 I took the skin off and used it bare for the next couple of weeks until I wen't out and got a 3rd Gen iPod Touch. So I guess you can call it luck. :cool:
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    That's pretty sweet. I think that generation was some of the coolest looking iPods, when they were all flat and shiny on the front, especially the black ones. I really liked the look of the original touch too.

    I still use my 2nd gen nano fairly regularly and it works great. It really is the perfect size for working out or anything like that.
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    What year did that iPod come out?
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    Spectrum Abuser

    February of 2006.
  9. tkermit, Oct 6, 2011
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    Me too. The display had to be replaced though after it had fallen down a flight of stairs once. :)

    Also, my fourth generation iPod from 2004 still works fine as well. I recently replaced the battery and upgraded the hard drive from 20GB to 40GB.

  10. ts3
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    I still have mine too. Can't sync for some reason though I haven't tried too hard to figure out why & just play whatever music is there. The sound on the 1st gen is decidedly better than on the 4th gen iPod touch.
  11. eye
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    I still use my first Gen nano and 4th Gen classic regularly. Both perform flawlessly.
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    I remember when my friend told me that Apple was going to come out with an iPod thats as thin as a pencil, those were the days.

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