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I'm tired of waiting for my MacBook Pro and there's still a month to go :(

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by jacobj, Jan 20, 2006.

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    OK, I know I have no right to complain and in all fairness I am not. I am just biting at the bit here.

    I keep coming here for new news on the MBP, but it is thin on the ground because there is nothing really new to report.

    Anyone else as pathetic as me?
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    Oh yeah, I'm pretty pathetic too. I should know better than to order things like this, I do not handle waiting well. My productivity is going to be shot for the next month as I browse these (and other) forums incessantly for the tiniest tidbit of information. It's sad. :eek:
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    Possibly because everyone else is in the same boat as you... waiting inexorably for their latest gadget. Not much we can to to ease your "pain". All good things... those who wait.
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    I think everyone here who ordered a new Intel Mac and hasn't gotten it yet is in the same boat as you. It's inevitable that we're going to be going crazy waiting for our new computers.

    Either that, or I'm just as pathetic as you, and most other people are normal.
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    Well at least you are getting one :p I'm still stuck with my PowerMac G4 400 and it's killing me! the thing is getting pretty darn slow. The good news is that when I do replace it my new Mac will be a speed deamon compared to the G4 that even under Rossetta it'll feel like a huge performance increase.
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    Yeah, I'm pretty bad too. I come to this site so much checking for news that some might think that it's my job. It will all be worth it seeing that sexy, sexy machine in my hands in about a month.
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    lol we're all so pathetic...i'm waiting for my macbook as well.
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    Anyone else go to the Apple website and check the pictures/reports of the MacBook Pro even though you've seen them all ten times already?
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    Yeah... I don't either... just wanted to make sure no one else did either... because that would be weird...
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    I think only crazy people do that.........:eek: :rolleyes:

    I have been there countless times!

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    Anonymous Freak

    On the waiting list as well...

    My order is set to ship on Feb 15th, and to arrive by the 23rd. (Blast me for accepting the free shipping!)

    I'm just as bad as you. And I have the side problem of a PowerBook G4 that's dying, so I really can't wait. I'm hoping my PowerBook lasts just one more month. (It's been dropped a few times, so it's not really surprising that things are dying.)
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    Ummm yeah I definitely don't do that, and ummm I definitely don't *ahem* check my order status page like 5 times a day just to see if has been updated....:D
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    EVERY DAY :)
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    At least most of you folks already have a Mac. I have to keep using Windows for another month...
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    Yeah, and I wouldn't recommend scouring news sites podcasts and every forum on the internet looking for someone with new info. And looprumors.com might think that they might ship early. But I wouldn't know that because I'm not looking. :rolleyes:
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    this reminds me of when I ordered my G5 last year and had to wait a few weeks before it shipped. I'd visit the website everyday, reading all the stuff that I'd read a hundred times before. I read tech manuals, looks at other people's setups, learned about the machine inside and out, I was obsessed! but the scary thing is that none of that prepared me for the excitement of when it arrived at my door and I tore open the box with a feverish hand. :D oh boy such mac-fanatical fun!
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    Although it might be bordering on obsessive, I think it's a normal Mac thing. I'd say that, on the whole, Mac users love their computers a lot more than others. And especially with a brand new computer coming out that no one has really even tested or wrote about, I'd almost expect this. I can't imagine ordering a new Dell and going crazy waiting for it to get delivered...
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    I'm tired of waiting as well!

    My order status says shipped by 15th but nothing about delivery. I've ordered the day after the keynote because in Austria it started at 7pm local time.
    The Apple guy on the phone promised I'll get it in February.

    In the meantime I'm looking for a decent backpack:
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    I have a ship date of Feb 15 also, but I'm thinking of canceling it, in light of the not insignificant savings I'd get from ordering from Amazon -- with a rebate and no sales tax. Their ship date is posted as March 23, but they always ship earlier. In any event, if I can be paid about $400 to wait a month, I will.
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    I took the opportunity to join the ADC at the Select level for $500 and use the hardware discount I got from that toward the MacBook. Turns out the discount on the MacBook was $500, so I basically got a free ADC Select membership out of the deal. :D
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    I'm so pathetic that I got my old 500MHz G3 iBook out of a drawer and hooked it up to see if would still run. Unsurprisingly, it booted right up, though it took it a little while. If it weren't for the teensy 10GB HD and the pseudo-broken display (have to have the hinge at the right angle +/- about 5 degrees or it doesn't work) I'd play with it a little more just for nostalgia's sake, but even looking at the UI makes me more impatient for my MBP since it's the only Mac I have.

    Truly pathetic.
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    I'm waiting for a MacBook Pro as well... I've actually been using a 600 MHz iBook G3 as my primary computer since 2001... so I'm MORE than ready for an upgrade.

    It's really slow and the HD is really lame because it's always full and I'm too lazy to actually clean it out because I'm getting a new computer. So it's just getting worse and worse every day and I'm just hoping that the day it dies will be well after February is over and I have my new mac in my hands. :D

    Dammit why did they have to announce a month ahead of time!?
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    Seriously, this waiting game sucks. Sold my iMac G5 right before the convention cuz I just had that feeling. Bought a new MacBook Pro standard configuration except with a 100 GB 5400 HDD. You guys think it'll ship a little earlier than Feb 15th? Generally, with most PC makers, the PC ships earlier than the estimated date. Let's just hope this is the case with MacBooks and not the other way around.....:eek:
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    i'm in the same boat, but i'm not ordering one yet, i'm going to pick one up at the london apple store

    this 600MHz ibook is still going strong

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