I'm very new to Mac, and I have some video editing questions.

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Vocalities, Oct 31, 2008.

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    So basically I'm really new to the Mac. Like, a few days into having my new computer new. I got it for many, many reasons, but a big one was being able to use iMovie and stuff like that. Seemed like a fun thing to do. Well, I didn't do all my homework because my video camera records and saves media as .mod, and the only way to get them to play on the Mac is to rename them .mpeg. None of them will play or anything in iMovie.

    What can I do to repair this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    I love the Mac so far, by the way.

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    Welcome to the Mac community!

    I spose the other option would be trying Final Cut Express, it usually supports all formats [or at least for me], but someone will have to confirm that for me, i've never come across a .mod file before!

    It's a much more awesome video editor, give it a try out.
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    Thanks for the help. I had other people tell me to either get Quicktime Pro, or MPEG Streamclip (I think that's the problem), but I didn't really want to spend 20-30 bucks at the moment...so, buying a copy of Final Cut is something I might do way in the future. I mean, really, I've never edited a video before...so I just want to try out a more simple program first. I have other questions...I guess I'll just start a separate thread since it's a separate issue.

    Anyway, yeah, .mod files are lame. Thanks for the help.
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    FCE, iMovie or Final Cut PRO only supports whatever codec QuickTime has installed. iMovie and FCE installs QuickTime codecs for Apple Intermidiary codecs and that's about it.

    Final Cut Pro installs Prores422, Apple HDV, Uncompressed etc. Again, nothing to do with .mod

    If you install perian for example, any QuickTime-based application will reda/write DIVX-based material.
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    Ok, my bad! What he says!

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