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IMAC 24" ...SO is it a poor, good, or great choice to run PROTOOLS LE 8.

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by alljazz1, Jul 18, 2009.

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    I am thinking about getting an IMAC 24" with Mbox 2 PRO FIREWIRE. What I want to know is this a good choice for a home studio doing piano and smooth Jazz recordings. The Imac has 2.66 Processor, 4 Gig RAM, 360 GIG HDrive.
    SO is it a poor, good, or great choice to run PROTOOLS LE 8. I am familiar with hard disk recording and and upgrading to a computer based system from a standalone system.

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    how many channels will you record at once? how many will you play back at the same time? how many software instruments are you planning on using in a song?

    if the answers are "more than four," "more than 32", or "dozens," then, no, your setup will not work.

    otherwise, you're fine.
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    The Mbox 2 Pro will do six in at a time...

    I'd personally go with a M-Audio ProFire 610 or 2626 and Pro Tools M-Powered.

    The conversion and pres are better than the MBox. (and apparently better than the Digi 003 too)
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    indeed, but 2 are s/pdif and i didn't see an external a/d in his setup.
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    Ah! Got your angle...sorry!
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    no worries!
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    I've been using the exact computer you're talking about with really good results!
    I'm using LE 8 with a 003 and it handles everything I'm throwing at it. the session I was just working on a few minutes ago had close to 50 tracks (including quite a few Aux Sends being used) at 96k/24bit audio, with many different plugins running

    . while working in that session the RTAS and Disc Usage never went above 30%

    I'd Highly recomend it!

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    You have been using the IMAC 24" with 2.66 Intel chip, 4GIG RAM, ETC??
    You are having no problems with it?? How does the PT 8 look on your 24" screen?? I bet pretty nice.

    I only plan on recording maybe a few tracks at a time, will play back many, and use several plugins. Mostly solo piano, smooth jazz material, some orchestral type scores. etc. Any input is appreciated.

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    I'm sure the iMac has enough power for what you do ! With the right audio settings it won't be a problem to record at all. And it will be fun.

    It will run great with PROTOOLS LE 8 .
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    A real piano or a keyboard? A real piano, I think, means a couple audio tracks at least. But if it is a keyboard you can record either midi, the stereo line outs or if you have it, SPDIF. As contradictarty as it souds, I think spdif will give the best quality analog audio. Actually you can record both the midi and audio at the same time and choose later.
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    more info

    Yes electric piano, Roland RD 700.
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    How about MacBook Pro 13"

    I want to start a cg animation studio and i will get a Mac Pro for animation and video editing but my friend who will do the scores and soundtrack is in another city and I want to get a MacBook pro 13" Core 2 duo, 2.26 ghz, 2 gb DDR3 RAM, Nvidia 9400m. Money is extremely limited otherwise I would go better. Do you think this system will handle the job?

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