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iMac 24" v. Cinema Display

Discussion in 'iMac' started by jonthegeologist, Apr 13, 2009.

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    Is the screen in the iMac24" the same as the new LED Cinema Display?
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    No, the iMac has CCFL backlights.
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    Otherwise? That's not really a difference in the screen, just the backlight.
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    The iMac is bigger in depth, this is of cours because of the computer inside it.
    It also weighs considerably more, which can be important if you would like to hang it up on a thin wall for example.
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    I have a feeling he means "is there a difference in the panels used?" rather than "I can't read or see pictures, can someone explain the superficial differences between an iMac and a screen?"

    If I'm wrong and the latter is in fact the case, let me add: The iMac has a computer behind it; you have to buy your own computer with the display.
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    The Alu 24" iMac uses CCFL-backlit LG.Display H-IPS LM240WU2-SLB1 and the 24" ACD uses LED-backlit LG.Display H-IPS LM240WU6-SDA1.
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    If you ask me, that's a pretty big difference and certainly not the same screen.

    "Is the screen in the iMac24" the same as the new LED Cinema Display?"

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    Thanks for your replies.

    I was interested in the 24 ACD for my home office, but given that that is a mini displayport, I'd've also had to buy a new Macbook or Mac mini, so I started to look at the iMac.

    The screen quality on the new ACD is superb and wanted to see if it's the same hardware on the iMac. Thanks for the info!

    That's the balance then really: ACD + Mac mini or iMac.
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    I think the smart choice would be the mini + led ACD. :) can't go wrong there for a home office.
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    assuming that you are talking about the Apple led display, this option is significantly more expensive, with significantly less processing power. Getting the 2.66 24" iMac is much better value for money.
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    ...get the iMac,, it will be a much more powerful computer for you compared to the mini...
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    The displays are very similar. Obviously the iMac is not LED. But both displays are H-IPS (basically a good quality display). The iMac is actually brighter than the Cinema Display as well.
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    iMac Display for a PC

    I just purchased an iMac, can I utilize the monitor for my windows laptop through the mini DisplayPort? I was told by an expert at BestBuy that I could, however, I cannot find any information on how that could work.

    My work laptop and iMac share the same desk - trying to conserve space and only utilize one monitor.
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    no you cannot. the "expert" was lieing or misinformed. The mini display port is only output, not input.
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    That's what I thought - just making sure I wasn't missing something. Thanks.
  16. jnc
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    Is the LED Cinema Display's brilliance such that you'd happily gimp yourself with Mini's performance? That's the toss-up, really - deciding between a weak machine with a display you can't use anywhere else, or a powerful machine with a display you can't use anywhere else. ;)
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    Is not the mini the same as the iMac but for the highest two models? Both systems use the nVidia chipset, 9400M GPU, DDR3 ram. The iMac takes standard disks so 7200rpm is standard but is that enough to say the mini is underpowered. With 4GB of ram and a 320 or 500GB 7200 rpm HD the mini is a powerful machine in a very small footprint now that is no longer crippled by the Intel GPU.

    Of course from a cost perspective the iMac is a better value but if you want a Mac without a built in display it's pretty much the mini (unless you can afford the cost a space required of a MacPro).

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    If you get a mini you can pay $600-ish for the mini, $800-ish for that fancy LCD (or a cheap TN model for much less)..

    in a year or three, you can buy a new mini for $600, and have a decent machine for that time in the future, and then you have your old mini you can sell for eh.. $300 maybe $400, or you can keep it for a media box or whatever..

    Or you could spend $1100 now on an imac, and $1100 later on an imac, sell that for $500-ish, or.. have 2 imacs. awkard!
  19. jnc
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    Wow, I guess you're onto something. I forgot they found a way to make the iMac choke too with that dang GPU that doesn't belong in a system like that.... however, I'm sure you'd still appreciate the beefier RAM and larger HD (as standard, not a perform-at-home surgery) of the iMac. 2.93's the sweet spot really, gives you a choice to CTO the graphics, as well as the ram/HD

    Due to my glossy objections, I've decided to run with a Mac Pro :) The Mini's a great space saving solution if you've already got your own monitors though, especially now it handles dual-display. (I'd be a lot more supportive of them if the two I ordered had ...worked!)
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    This is a viewpoint that gets repeated here that I'm not so sure I agree with. I watched a 20" G4 iMac go for just short of £500 on ebay last week. That's a damn sight more than a G4 mini and a 6 year old external monitor would go for...

    I wouldn't worry about the whole 'being tied to your monitor' philosophy. iMacs hold their value very well, especially if you go for the best processor options and max out the ram. I say you can't go wrong with an iMac!

    My £0.02
  21. jnc
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    The G4 is... special. I mean, just look at it. :D I bet G5s and Core Duos go for cheaper :D
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    Are these two panels interchangeable?

    iMac's panel @ LM240WU2-(SL)(A1) and CD's panel @ LM240WU6-(SD)(A1)

    In particular, can I put an iMac LM240WU2 panel into a CD with a broken LM240WU6 ?


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