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iMac 27" display vs HP ZR24W or Dell U2410?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by qwimjim, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. qwimjim, Jan 20, 2011
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    Has anyone owned or used both? I spend 80% of my time reading and writing text (documents, web browsing, etc), and 20% editing photos (photoshop/bridge). I don't play games nor watch movies on my computer. I've read praise and complaints about both.. I want a display that wows me everytime I turn it on, that is color accurate or can be properly calibrated, that displays text well, and that won't strain my eyes.
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    no one out there? :)
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    Well the 27 inch is way bigger than the 24 you're comparing it to so that will make a big difference plus their both LCD where as the iMac is LED.
    you also have to take into account what graphic card/s you're using etc.

    Nice monitors though and glad you posted this thread as I'm currently looking to upgrade mine until I get my first iMac in September, bit pricy though here in the UK.

    I would suggest [if not already done so] visiting your local Apple store and try the iMac 27, play some movies, check out the photos and have a dabble with the document side to see what you think. Doubt you'll find a place to try the 2 monitors though but I'd I'd go out on a wing to say that the iMac would beat them hands down.

    But I've never owned a Mac yet, just spent the last 12 months hanging out in my local Apple store, so hopefully those on this forum who have will help you out.
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    iMac's monitor is LCD. Whenever any commercial company says something is LED they mean it's LCD with LED backlighting. The dell 27 inch monitor is the same exact lcd panel, but it doesn't use led backlighting like apple's. That's also probably why it never had the yellowing issue, unlike apple's monitor.
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    Well, i dont really know the HP and the DELL monitors, and never seen them in person, but i have a 27" imac, and i must say, that this thing is just beutiful, huge brightness, and really really vivid colors. I know you cant compare samsung monitors to an imac or the two other brand you mentioned, but my "old" samsung is just simple nothing compare to the imac, nothing.
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    thanks for the correction mate, I've learned something new there :cool:
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    Be warned that some HP monitors (e.g. LP2475W) don't work properly with a miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable on a Thunderbolt Mac - you have to use a DVI adaptor (not the end of the world).

    Otherwise, the 24" HPs are good value, but definitely second prize c.f. the 27" Apple display - although it depends a bit on your attitude to glossy screens vs. anti-glare coatings (its actually swings & roundabouts, but some people get agitated).
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    Look at the Hazro, same panel as apple cinema display glass front and same high resolution but a lot cheaper.
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    Running both, side-by-side

    As corporate communications pro, most of my actual work is writing and some multi-media production. I had bought the HP for photo editing (since i wanted an IPS panel) until Santa, as requested, brought me the Apple Thunderbolt display. The HP is is very good monitor, but the glossy, higher resolution of the t-bolt is a game winner for photo editing and watching HD movies full-screen. Side-by-side, the HP looks grainier and the anti-glare surface really detracts from image quality in comparison. However, it comes at $400 a pop compared to a cool grand for the Apple display, so for the money it is quite capable and, money issues aside, is a great monitor - I just had the option to acquire a better one (which also serves as a docking station), so I did.

    BTW - running both on a 2011 Mac Mini Server, the HP on the HDMI port using the included HDMI to DVI adapter. No stutter, and haven't overtaxed the GPU yet.
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    Update: briefly tried my 2011 Thunderbolt Mac Pro on a HP ZR24W using a miniDP-to-DP cable (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002XVYZ82/ref=cm_cr_rev_prod_title) and it seemed to work without the fuzzy display problem I have (and loads of others have reported) using the same cable with a LP2475W. No time to check for other issues, though.
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    I think you need to compare iMac 27 display with others 27 inches: Dell u2711, Nec PA271w etc.

    I would recommend u to go with iMac. Display is gorgeous. Crisp & clean picture, ambilight sensor. Aluminium & glass as a material is awesome. Guarantee, you'll never back to plastic ones :)

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