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imac and emac board swaps

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by CampDavid, Jul 30, 2010.

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    have an iMac 700mhz G4 and an ebac 1.25ghz G4.

    is it easy enough to swap the internals over to give me a 1.25GHZ iMac?

    Ta in advance for all your kind help
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    Thanks for the quick response though.

    Any idea how I could, say, swap the processor over? The eMac is ropey while the iMac is totally immaculate.
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    No, but I doubt it will work due to the different logic board architecture and the the different sockets (?).
    The boards also use different bus speeds.
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    Your posts are really far too negative :D

    So, basically, I can't do a fat lot with it. Shame, but that's life.
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    hmm yes sounds negative , but these are the facts ,the parts just do not fit , but if you are really good with your soldering iron and have really good knowlege about electronics you could if you really think your eMac is that ugly to show anybody make a headless eMac (means without crt in a normal pc case )and use the iMac without its internals as a monitor , connect all ports from the eMac to the back of the iMac job done ...sounds to easy , but i promise you it is far far from easy ;)
    but if you could manage that you could have your headless eMac under the desk while on the desk sits your immaculate iMac and nobody will notice that its only a monitor, as you start up the hidden eMac with the iMac's powerswitch and use all the usb , firewire ports on the iMac too because you had extended everything to the iMac

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