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iMac Core 2 Duo vs iMac Core Duo

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Category: Benchmarks
    Link: iMac Core 2 Duo vs iMac Core Duo
    Description:: Geek Patrol compares the performance of the new iMac Core 2 Duo against the performance of the old iMac Core Duo.

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    There are some interesting surprises in here (some of those low memory and float performances). But all in all it seems to confirm the story that Intel has done a nice job with Merom. :)
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    Wait, since when has there been a guide for Merom? :p

    I reckon I could put "Merom" in InvisiText™ in a Politics thread and you could still find it and link to that guide.
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    I don't get the link to the guide. The article is about comparative benchmarking. That issue is not addressed in the guide (of course not, since the guide was mostly written before C2D was available).
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    I've updated the guide over the past few days. So it is up to date with benchmarks and what machines have Merom in them.

    Oh and there's some Santa Rosa information too. :rolleyes:
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    Oh, I'm sorry. I got you now. Nice work! :)
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    No problem. I made the guide on Merom. I just got lazy after announcement of the new machines.
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    this really makes it seem worth waiting for the santa rosa macbook (as that'll enable merom to really reach its full potetnital)
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    I'm very Happy with Intel..Core Duo was such a amazing update for the Mini, iBook(MacBook) and PowerBook(MacBook Pro)..they really needed it. I doubt they will get a update like that for a while, the difference from the G4 to Core Duo was HUGE. The iMac was starting to age a litte, and the PowerMac(Mac Pro) needed a kick, it was fast but the Quad was 3300, and that was the really fast one, now Mac Pro being all Quad is a much better buy.

    My point it, I doubt we will see an update like we did from the PPC Macs to Intel Macs

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