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iMac dissapoints a little

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kntgsp, Sep 1, 2004.

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    What was Jobs thinking putting all the ports on the back of the iMac?? What about people with USB keychains or other peripherals that aren't constantly connected. I'm not saying he should have put all the ports on the side, because the clutter would be obviously unattractive. But he should have at least put one firewire, one USB, and a headphone jack on the side. Now you have to either play "pin the tail on the donkey" with random stabs behind the monitor, or just turn the thing 90 degrees to find the ports. That's just awkward. I mean the Powermacs have 2 ports in the front at least, what's the deal? Anybody think that was a major oversight?!

    I looked at the Quicktime VR 360 views on apple.com, and I couldn't see any ports except on the back. Anybody? :confused: :rolleyes:
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    Oh an I know you can buy extensions for those ports so you don't have to move the computer, but then that's just more cords dangling around, and it just complicates things.
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    There is an extra USB port on the keyboard. IIRC, some keychain drives will work with this, but others require more power.

    Overall, I think it's not a bad compromise. If you have something you use all the time, just leave it plugged in: e.g. firewire cable for iPod, hotsync cradle for palm device, etc.

    If you're really plugging/unplugging stuff all the time, buy a $40 USB hub. Better that than ugly cables coming out of the side/front of your beautiful iMac.
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    Two things:

    1. Bluetooth. Love it. :)

    2. Dude, you're in St. Louis? Have you been by West County Center yet? I don't think the stores would have it yet, but I haven't had the chance to go by and look. I'm considering selling my overclocked 17" to get one of those to hack on. Need to get a closer look at the new logic board though.
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    True I can agree with a USB hub, but I use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, so there's no USB port

    but the headphone jack still should be on the side or bottom or something. If people were worried about losing symmetry just stick it on the bottom of the monitor where it's out of sight but still easier to access.
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    Yea, gotta love having an Apple Store :D :D

    I just looked on the 360 Views on apple.com, and read all the spec sheets, and I haven't seen or heard of any ports besides the ones on the back, and if you look at the website you can see the headphone jack on the back.
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    Yeah, what we really need are bluetooth Mac headphones. I did a quick Google search but couldn't find anything Mac compatible. Anyone?
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    Ooooh Good thinking!!! Bluetooth headphones would be a great idea. iMac could easily handle another bluetooth device besides a keyboard and mouse. I wonder how expensive they would be and their battery life. Anybody?

    There are wireless headphones that you can buy, but most are like 100-500 dollars. and I'd rather just take the headphones I use for my iPod (not the crappy Apple ones that come with it) and just plug them in when I sit down at my comp.
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    Haha that's awesome. But I don't need the mic, they probably make one without it though. Great find! Those innovative Koreans! :D

    The only thing is that the software that comes with it is Windows only, grrr

    And for $280, GAH! :D
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    All the bluetooth headphones have mics on them though.

    The most ideal situation would be if ipod was bluetooth so you could use a bluetooth headphone with iPod and the iMac when you get to work/home.
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    From a design point its great to have all the ports on the back ! I glad they didn't destroy the concept.
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    Yeah, it would be nice it they had a couple of jacks on the side, maybe oppositie the slot drive (or below it). Maybe just headphones and one USB.
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    Not the side. Ugly! Maybe the bottom, but definitely not the side.
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    To me, having all the ports on the back makes the machine much less obtrusive, while not disregarding functionality, but rather emphasising the design concept.

    At first glance of the back, even the order in which Ives layed out the ports exudes fluidity and movement. The ports flow back and forth from small to large sizes intrinsically.

    Not to say they couldn't have done something similar on the side; (space issues inside the machine?) however, wires and cables protruding from the side is less desirable from a visual cleanliness standpoint.

    Although I am not much a fan of it, the large "iMac" light grey logo on the upper back further proves that the designer wanted the viewer to notice it's rear.

    Overall, I think it's a thing of beauty.
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    How about small 10-15 minute Li-Ion battery to... Proudly display the iMac G5 in any room of your house — it’s lightweight enough to move from your kitchen to the den or bedroom. and double as simple UPS? There seems to be enough space for it in 20"...
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    Since we're doing a little thread bleeding...

    There's no room on the inside, that I can see anyway.

    However, APC has a surge bar/ups model that's small and portable enough for the task, but that means you'd have to keep the power cable plugged in during said move:

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    "iMac" on back

    I absolutly love the new design! I would consider selling my old iMac to get a new one. The only thing I do have trouble with is the word "iMac" that is on the back of the computer. It looks cheesy!! I think most people know just by looking at the computer what it is. They should have put an elegant Apple logo on the back instead like before. It looks so muck better.
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    I agree yes, that overall it is a thing of beauty. Shoot, if I had the money I'd buy one, I think they are very sleek and functional, besides having every port in the back.

    You're contradicting yourself saying that the ports on the back make it less obtrusive and then saying that the designer wanted people to see the back of it.

    Well I guess if you don't have a keyboard, mouse, printer, ipod cable, or headphones plugged in, then yea it would be attractive from the back. But with the cables plugged in, how is the back any more attractive than the previous imacs, besides having the "iMac" logo?

    That's like putting diamonds on the back of a powermac with all the cables connected and coming out of it and saying here isn't it beautiful now? Who looks at a computer from the back like that if there's cords coming out of it?

    P.S. putting one USB/firewire and a headphone jack on the side/bottom wouldn't take away from the fluidity of the rear jacks. From top to bottom it's 1. optical line, 2. headphone jack, 3. mini DVI, 4.USB 5.USB, 6.USB, 7.Firewire, 8.Firewire, 9. Phone, 10. Ethernet. Removing the headphone, and one USB wouldn't hurt the fluidity, since theres 3 USB ports, and the optical line jack is the same size as the headphone jack.
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    Capt Underpants

    The G4 iMac doesn't have any ports on the front either, and I've never heard of anyone complaining about that. Personally, front ports aren't needed, it's just a little more convenient. I can live without it.
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    I am simply saying that ports on the back make it less obtrusive to the operator, who is generally working from the front of the machine since that is where the screen is located. The wires (if any) wouldn't clutter up the operator's vantage point like they would when they snake out from the side.

    You can plug any and all wires/cables into the ports and feed them through the circular power cord opening in the iMac's stand, effectively channeling and controling all wires' directions.

    Additionally, I still do believe the designer wanted to draw attention to the iMac's rear. The organization of ports, stand with hinge and circular wire opening, clear, smooth plastic cover, heat vent, solely three enclosure screws, and iMac logo are all indicitive of this. The machine is like a sculpture, in that all angles and viewpoints were taken into consideration.

    The reason I am not contradicting myself is because the back is both attractive and unobtrusive due to the organization and planning of the designer.

    I didn't claim the above statement; furthermore, that is an opinion which subjective to one's own. The original post questioned the placement of ports on this iMac, not previous.

    Many will be seeing the back of this iMac; the most common place for it will be on a desktop. Think secretary's desks, computer labs, libraries, classrooms, etc. And most will have wired keyboards and mice.
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    it's a shame that they are on the back, this makes mounting to a wall basically a non-option. too bad, since they were designed to be wall-mountable...it would need to stick out at least an inch, preferably two, for the ports to be even accesible on a wall mounted setup.

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