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Imac g3 design vs imac g4 vs imac g5

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by superman193, May 21, 2008.


Which iMac design do you like best?

  1. iMac G3

    6 vote(s)
  2. iMac G4

    43 vote(s)
  3. iMac G5/Intel (White)

    10 vote(s)
  4. iMac Intel (Silver/Black)

    45 vote(s)
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    What design do you like best? what are some flaws in the designs of these beauties? lets hear your thoughts ! :p

    for me, i love the imac g3 design but then again its a bit thick :rolleyes:
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    The G4 with its swivel head is still the master of design for me.
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    Agreed :D
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    i love the g3 design, specially the screen design :eek: it's the best.
    it looks like those new oled screens for sony :rolleyes: now i think sony has stolen the idea from apple :p
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    • hated the G3. I always thought they looked cheap and cheesy.
    • loved the G4. It remains one of the most striking designs ever. Plus it was the Mac I "switched" with.
    • liked the G5/white Intel. All that white plastic seemed a bit much, but I didn't hate it. And I thought the user serviceability of the G5 was a nice touch that should've been carried forward.
    • love the aluminum Intel. While not as unique as the G4, I think the overall design is superb. It's my favorite iMac to date.
  6. TSE
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    The iMac G4 was definitely one of the most unique widely made computers to date.

    I have a G5 20" iSight iMac, while it looks good, the plastic up close looks crummy.

    I vote for the iMac G3, because my old school had them and I hadn't recognized what an Apple computer was until I went there and they had a bunch of them. I loved them. My favorite would have to be either the Graphite Slotloader, the Dark Blue Slotloader, or the Lime Trayloader (I have a lime trayloader. :))
  7. Guest

    The iMac G4 is the best designed desktop ever and nothing comes close to it, even today's iMacs.
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    the g3 imac as it put apple back on the map and it was a great design at the time
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    Dont Hurt Me

    iMac Intel, styling & performance. Computer perfected.
  10. Guest

    Don't iMac G5s/Intels feel like boxes while iMac G4s feel like work of art and high technology to anybody?
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    i like the g4 design better sure, but i think the intel/g5 design is waaaaaaay more impressive
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    the lamp is the best but i love the Alu iMac just as much. its a nice combination of Alu and glass to create a beautiful working enviroment
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    Clive At Five

    I feel that the current silver design will look just as outdated as the white chin model once a new model is released. The G4, on the other hand, is very unique and beautiful. It holds a place in my heart, right next to the G4 Cube.

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    I like the G4 design much better than that of any new or previous designs. While I like the G5 design, it doesn't have the character of the G4. I never liked the G3 design, it looks kinda cheap. The Aluminum is really nice but it's almost like it has no soul.
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    I'm glad we all agree. I got a chance to briefly use a G4 iMac a couple of weeks ago, and wow! The ergonomics of that swivel screen just blows my mind. :eek:
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    the g4 is a beauty. after that i like the original imac. i'm not enormously keen on the g5 but only in comparison to its predecessors and it's the one i have.
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    G3 = clunky now, but good at the time.
    G4 = beautiful design, practical and nice, impractical for todays hardware sizes
    G5 = functional and clean
    Intel = functional, industrial.
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    G4 no question , while the newer iMacs look OK they will date quickly ( as mentioned before further up )

    The G4 is a design classic , a lovely looking computer which I wish they would bring back up to date & in aluminium, imagine that !
  19. Guest

    What exactly do you mean by this? :confused:
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    I think you meant the G4 with the moveable screen.

    so that's one poll point from G3 moved to G4... :)
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    what i mean is that a 24" screen would never be able to work on a machine designed that way.

    not to mention that cramming everything into such a small enclosure wouldn't yield the best results imo. it would still be a nightmare to service. and if you remember the 20" screens were a bit 'odd looking' imo as well. they really did shine at the 15" and 17" sizes though.
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    It would certainly work you would just have to make everything bigger, apple already does this with the iMac now, the 24 has a larger stand than the 23.

    So the 24 of the G4 design would have a bigger base.
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    Sounds like a plan to me :) ... come Apple listen to the man !
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    this poll has been done before and the g4 won hands down
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    But I have a feeling a lot of the new "recruits" haven't really used it, so won't be able to appreciate it.

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