iMac G3 Screen/CRT Issue

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by pittpanthersfan, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    I bought a used iMac G3 last week and everything is in working order, save for one thing. The right side of the display has a sort of faint yellow tint to it. The tint goes away on the right side of any window, menu, picture, text when in the area.

    It was doing this with OS 9.1 when I got it. I've since upgraded to Tiger (with proper firmware), and the problem persists. I don't think it's a magnetic issue, since it happens regardless of where the iMac is in the room. I've also played with the display options.

    It's still very much usable, just slightly annoying.

    A screenshot wouldn't show the tint, and my camera had it kind of blurry, so here's a crude mockup of what I'm experiencing:

    I don't know if I should toggle or tweak one of the ray guns inside, or what...
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    here might be helpful or maybe not , but it can only improve as i guess your blue goes out and yellow takes over or so if i remeber my crt's right

    it could also help if you open it complete and check for lose wires inside the crt part
    but be careful there ,dont be rude to the crt screen , if it gets angry it might kill you
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    I'll definitely give that a try. Thanks for the link!
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    For the love of god wear protective insulated gloves, or you will die from the electric shock.
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    LOL, but yes messing around with a crt may or may not be dangerous, just make sure to educate yourself beforehand if you don't know about them. It probably couldn't hurt to look around for loose wires or something inside. Maybe it will be an easy fix. Good luck.

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