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iMac G4 17" 800Mhz

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Summez, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Just bought a 17"iMac G4 with an 800 Mhz processor.
    The mac has come with Leopard installed.
    Just looking for some advice, should I Stick with Leopard or downgrade to Tiger?

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    How much ram?
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    If not already, upgrade the RAM to the 1 GB max and stay with Leopard.
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    Its got 1GB in it. Thanks for the help.
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    stay in leopard.
    mostly new apps minimum support os leopard than os tiger.
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    I would absolutely stay with Leopard. The big feature for me that made the Tiger to Leopard decision easy was Time Machine. I did miss Tiger for a short time, because I was so used to it, but there are few gains when downgrading to Leopard.
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    Jethryn Freyman

    Stay with Leopard for this reason.

    I even stayed with Leopard on a 466MHz Power Mac because I find it so much more usable than Tiger.
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    They can go to 2GB as the the second RAM slot is accessible if crack open the iMac. You do have to reapply thermal paste to the CPU when you're done though.
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    Thanks for the info may have to have a go at adding an extra 1gb of ram. I am going to stick with leopard due to the reasons mentioned especially newer apps.
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    No....the 800MHz and 1GHz models can NOT go to 2GB RAM....only the 1.25 GHz (USB 2.0) model supports 2GB RAM....don't waste your money.
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    I would install Tiger. It's very fast on G4 machines, and if you're like me, using it as a secondary or tertiary machine, it doesn't need to run all of the latest apps.
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    hehe sorry bro..

    oh really ur powermac with os leopard?
    it's slowly or working good?
    how many ram do u use it? 1 giga ?

    anyway have u tips or link to instal leopard under ppc speed 897 mhz, like ur powermac?

    i'm newbie bro,,hehe
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    Google for "LeopardAssist"
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    My mistake, thanks for correcting me.

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