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imac G4

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by garzy, Jan 30, 2003.

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    i work a lot with powermacs and i am always happy with their performance
    im looking at buying an imac as an extra computer but was wondering about the quality of the processor and motherboard
    i have heard its basically scaled down junk
    i tried out a 17in imac (1 gig ram) at the apple store and it didnt feel real responsive compared to the 733 quicksilvers i work with

    anyway the real question is
    is a 1ghz powermac gonna perform A LOT better than a 1ghz imac (assuming this product is released)?

    beacuse with this new high end imac possibly coming standard with DDR, 4x superdrive, bluetooth and 80211g capabilites, at least 80gig hard drive, apple speakers and a 17in display at only $1799, it would be much more expensive to configure these options into a powermac

    in my opinion, the imac would be A WAY better deal, despite the inability to upgrade

    OR does this rumor of a new imac sound too good to be true?
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    Re: imac G4

    I'd say this configuration is quite possible. The price may be as low as that or it may remain at $1999. Or somewhere in between.
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    If those specs are on the iMac the iMac performance will nearly equal the low end powermac. The only real difference will be the cache size.
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    And depending on the applictaions you run, the cache size can make all the difference in how responsive the system feels.
    The other difference between that and the low end PowerMac may be the bus speed and type of memory.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    First of all an imac is not junk! Now with that said you have to remember that the imac has a 100mhz bus where the powermac has a 133 or 167 depending on model.Also take into account how much memory has been stuck in the machine and the videocard and all this determines how well it will crunch numbers etc. This is why it will just kill me if they keep on using that old 100 mhz bus!even a 133 is not that great if you ask me!As far as the cpu if its a g4 then its a g4 but some g4s have the L3 cache which helps speed up things with those instructions that get used over and over! you got all that?

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