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iMac g5- Dual monitor support?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Winstonp, Mar 21, 2005.

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    Im interested in an imac g5, but can I use my lcd as a monitor extension?
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    Yes. It requires a "hack" to do, but it can be done and it works well. If you search on these forums, I'm sure it will be easy for you to find out how.
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    Yes.. You have to use a hack if you want to use Monitor Spanning.. Google it you will find it.


    here it is
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    Also, this hack is not supported my Apple and voids the warranty. Correct me if I'm wrong....
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    sweet....not bad at all.

    How can that void your warranty?
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    Not really sure other than the fact that it's not supported or isn't guaranteed, but that's what I [thought] read here :D I know some people here have done the hack and would know for sure.
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    No it doesn't, it's simply a software modification and can be fixed by a simple formatting of the hard drive.

    I really do wonder why people see the word 'hack' and imeaditly think it voids the warrantee.
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    You have to reformat the HD to undo it? I thought I read somewhere where you just have to "undo" something in the hack. Man I really made this complicated now :p

    Probably because "hack" sounds so mischievous that is sounds as thought it could. But I could have sworn I read that it did void the warranty. Must have been wrong, oh well :eek: :)
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    I had this firmware hack applied to an iMac G5 midplane that was sent back to Apple, they never said a word about it.
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    Well, since Apple's Warranty is a Hardware warranty and dosen't cover software anyway, I don't see how it would void it. :D
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    so, should i get an imac g5 and take this risk and dual it out?

    it'd be so cool...

    Anyone beleive that it isnt permanent?
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    Maybe? I've never had any reason to uninstall the hack on my computer, but I've lost the ability to span screens every time I reformat the computer.
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    what size is your imac? So you're saying that the ability went away with a reformat?
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    here's a link to a macworld article regarding this:


    Remember that you have a VGA out... the monitor needs to have a VGA input; if it is DVI only you need an adapter which runs ~$300

    I haven't tried the hack, but I have heard that resetting the NVRAM (or whatever it is) restores the iMac to the original state regarding display properties.
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    No I think there is a "reverse" function on the app that ley you do it ;)
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    i just realized something. this software may not work with tiger...

    what you all think?
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    I thought it was a firmware hack, which has nothing to do with the OS, there for it should work no matter what OS you have on your system...I think :D
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    Well at least it is advertized as a Firmware hack.
    So that should not be bother by the OS then ;)
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    so would anyone suggest I don't buy the imac g5 with complete intention to run dual monitors?

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    Look, people, if you don't know how this "hack" works (it's an Open Firmware patch), don't chime in with ill-informed advice.

    You do NOT reverse this patch by formatting the hard disk. The patch is in the firmware and can be reversed by resetting the NVRAM - all you have to do is shut down and hold down Command-Option-P-R while turning on the computer.

    It doesn't void your warranty. If you're worried about it, you can reset your firmware before having your computer serviced.

    And yes, it works like a champ on the iMac G5. The patch is available as an easy-to-run applescript "Screen Spanning Doctor" available at http://macparts.de/ibook


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