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iMac G5 Fan issue

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by gr997s, Aug 12, 2011.

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    The only way to get the fan to shut off is if I put the Mac to sleep. Shouldn't the fan shut off when the screen turns off? I have found the fan still running overnight when the Mac puts itself to sleep. Thanks for any ideas.....
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    The fan should be running if the computer is hot, regardless of whether the screen is on. The more important causes will be the CPU, the hard drive, and the optical drive, as well as what programmes (if any) you have running. Ripping music or DVDs, for example, produces a lot of heat. You should check that there is good airflow around the case, with nothing blocking the slots on the bottom and top. Check also for dust buildup. If you have an iMac that is pre-isight, they are easy to open and check for dust.
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    Thanks for the tips. But just after a 30 minute session of web surfing, the fan will stay on all night. Is there a setting that could be off? thanks for the help
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    Frankly, if the fan runs all night after just web surfing, something is wrong. I would be concerned about turning the fan off, since if there is a real heat issue, you could be looking at meltdown. A quick tour of Google shows some reports of this problem after a Leopard installation. One person reports resetting the SMU solved his problem.
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    my imac g5 has 3 fans. Other models are probably the same. in any case mine has a minimum speed that all 3 will run at constantly unless the machine is sleeping or powered off. i'd be v surprised if your model was any different

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