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imac G5, FSB and graphics?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by msett, Sep 24, 2005.

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    Is the imac g5's graphics card alright? Will it be able to play most games? Also some people say imac's FSB is really low. Should I be concerned?

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    The GPU in iMac G5 rev B is Radeon 9600 128 MB. If you want you can google some reviews on it.

    iMac's FSB is around 600 MHz which is pretty good for a computer, but bad for a G5 (G5 Power Macs have up to 1350 MHz FSBs)
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    The current model work fine for gaming, I wouldn't say the same about the first revision. ;)

    As for the FSB who cares? I have a Power Mac Dual G5 and an iMac G5 here both of them feel about the same speed to me in normal use, the Dual G5 only comes in to its own when I'm flogging the box! If you want an iMac buy 1, they are great little machines.
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    I totally agree especially with you last line.

    I want iMac, but no money for it... yet ;)
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    i have an iMac Rev B 20" and i love it. i play America's Army because i'm too cheap to buy anything else but it the iMac does fine with it, and i have all the settings on "high"
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    may be this is not the best forum to say this..but if you want a gaming machine buy a PC. 'Most games' are for PC. Or wait for the Intel based macs, may be 'most games' will run on those (may be)
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    don't put your eggs in the "most games will run on intel macs" basket, although it would be quite pleasant, i don't expect much. :cool:
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    As far as Mactels are concerned, I came to a conclusion that I dont need it. I would be far better off with iMac G5 or any other powerful PowerPC-based Mac, just because I have a ton of software that will not run on Mactel or run at 70 % speedwhich is not good... Just a few thoughts :)
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    Face it. Macs have never really been gaming machines.

    If you want a gaming computer, build yourself a sweet wintel rig for $600. Then get a mac mini for everyday use. Use the extra money to purchase a nice LCD monitor.

    Problem solved!

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