iMac G5 How Much?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by GermanyChris, Aug 27, 2012.

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    They go for €200 - €250 here for all models of the iMac G5 here in Ireland. I'd only go for an iSight model if I were you though.


    There's no such thing as an iMac G5 intel.
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    The chances of me buying a G5 iMac is between slim and none especially and $415 or so dollars. Mac's cost more here even old one ones but that thing is a bad capacitor away from being and ACD.

    I just thought I'd introduce my fellow Americans to German Mac prices..
  5. ihuman:D, Aug 27, 2012
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    Second hand mac's are expensive here in Ireland too especially the laptops. I don't like the iMac G5's most if not all are too unstable and the mid-late G4's do well today for everyday computing. I saw someone selling the original low-end 20'' iMac G5 for €310 what a rip-off.
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    All Macs are expensive everywhere, be it used or not. Really, only the Intel iMac 'G5's are the only 'good' ones. The cheapest iMac G3 I found on Kijiji was $10, but then the second cheapest was well above $70. Boy am I glad I didn't pay that much for that really old iMac!


    Oh and by that I mean the iMacs that are Intel but look like the G5. I'm pretty sure those are real, but I'm not sure.
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    Zeke D

    I wouldn't pay more than $100 USD. But macs are easier to come by here.
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    If you're about the looks of the G5 iMac, get an early Intell on instead. The G5 iMacs have many problems and look identical to the plastic Intell iMacs.
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    I wouldn't buy it. I had few of these: 1.8 20", 2.0 20", 1.9 17" and they aren't worth to bother. Slow, poorly designed internals, enormous failure rate, maximum RAM on G4 level... etc.

    Sexy? Not even close IMO. :p But de gustibus...

    This one from link is way overpriced, it's worth maximum $150 nowadays.
    Maybe this bunch of illegal software is so attractive? No need to torrent it, you know ;) IDK, but I doubt that someone will be dumb enough to pay 370 € for that piece of crap...
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    a beefed up iMac G5, maybe $250-$300, an iMac G5 for parts or repair = $150-$180.

    My guess is that it could be between $100-$300. Personally, I wouldn't get an iMac G5 given the problems they had with capacitors.
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    Yeah I don't think they look sexy at all...IMHO
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    Lil Chillbil

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    Jethryn Freyman

    I paid $80 a few months ago for a 17", 1.8GHz ALS model with a Radeon 9600.

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