iMac G5 pics.... maybe?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by keysersoze, Aug 26, 2004.

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    Strange! If it is the new iMac, where's the rest of it? All I see is a screen ...

    ... but then, it doesn't look exactly like a cinema display.

    Commence the HMMMMMMing.
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    Looks like an apple box with a 3rd party flat panel TV propped up inside of it. Nothing to get too excited about.
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    Great hoax!

    At least someone's having fun sitting back and playing with our minds...
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    Sun Baked

    Wow, these pictures haven't even been promoted to Page 2 yet. [​IMG]
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    If they can do that for the iMac G5, we'd have a PowerBook G5 out as well.
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    Well i don't know but they look legit, and i do hope so, cos if i could have a comp like that with a G5, that would be really hardcore!
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    Well, after a brief peek at the photos, I think a hoax.


    Macs always pack the mouse and keyboard in that styro on top. It looks more like the Apple Display styro mold than something that would gold DVDs, manuals, keyboard and mouse, and power cord.

    Plus, most Mac models have a nice photo and big white letters on the box. Why open it? (A tad illegal for a baggage handler) Just take a snapshot of the box with its full color iMac image.
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    I second that. I think it's a Photoshop hack or cinema display ... or a Photoshopped cinema display.
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    Laslo Panaflex

    It is not a cinema display, I own a 23" personally, and 20" at work, and the back of them don't look like that. It really just looks like a plasma TV inside an Apple display box. This looks like a hoax to me, but I have been wrong in the past.

    Edit: This a definately a hoax, the screen looks like it is glass no LCD computer monitor that Apple makes have glass like that and not the the standard LCD film.
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    If this is the new mac, the biggest discussion will be about the reversed FULL apple on the back...So we shout forget this one....
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    I Did notice an Apple at the top of one of the pics- sticker maybe
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    Dr. Dastardly

    I don't know this would fall along the lines of what has been discussed recently. An all in one LCD monitor. Hmmmm. :p
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    and he just so happened to have a digital camera in his pocket... :rolleyes:

    yeah... right...

    kick me when i'm wrong,
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    haha, yeah, lets take a picture of the new iMac in the brightest room possible, reducing visibility. ;)

    That styrofoam doesn't even look like its meant for that "iMac".
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    it looks as though its packed upside down
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    Sun Baked

    Nope he didn't, but there was a digital camera in another piece of luggage -- along with this guy's new Armani suit and gold Rolex. ;)
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    On the second pic there's a little bit sticking out from behind the screen, so it's not just a panel. Assuming it's real, I think it's pretty cool, though I don't know how it would stand upright.
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    Tease Inc.

    Cut me a break. I wait all fricking summer (having to suffer w/this piece o' poop PC) to buy the new iMac, and this is what we get...a turd in a box!!

    Seriously, why didn't Apple just post the damn specs in July, take names, and then they'd know by Sept. the capacity at which to crank up the production line?

    Ford did it with the new hybrid Escape. Smart Car has been doing it.

    Hell, your girlfriend (future wife) does it...for one date, or three, or thirty.

    Apple Inc. is Tease Inc. They can kiss my ass. I'm buying a Gateway.

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    It looks pretty believable to me. Why is everyone's first reaction always "this is a hoax?" Yes, there are always mocks of new computer designs/OS features; but, Paris and new iMacs are only days away. Isn't it possible that someone hads access to these machines somewhere?

    Maybe the blurring and crappy lighting are due to a cellular phone's low res. digital photography capabilities.

    If it is the new machine, it might just have bluetooth keyboard and mouse connections, and the two peripherals may be under the first layer of styrofoam.

    I'd buy it.
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    Pig in a Poke

    This week I received a catalog from MACMALL.

    On page 7, it stated: "The new iMac is coming. Call us to place you order today."

    Do they know something no one else does?
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    Peace indeed

    Yeah, Peace. If only.

    Not while the neo-cons rule.

    Emmigrate to Paradise Island! Clothing optional.
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    Like what? Most people here know the new iMac is coming; Apple announced it on their site. What are you referring to exactly?
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    wait and see what apple legal does.. if the pic disapears, its legit.. if not, well who knows...
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    How could they start taking orders without some specs to refer to?

    Wait, I'm going to call them now, and see what happens. I will report back....

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