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iMac G5 Problems

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Jordan6, Sep 28, 2007.

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    I software updated my iMac g5(powerPC 1.6 OR 1.9GHz), with the mac OSX updated(170mb), and it never fully completed the download, said it had problems with the package

    so i restarted it, and now its just stuck on the blue screen with the grey box(where it loads the IP extension, etc)

    any ideas, whats wrong??
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    If you've tried to start it and you keep getting that screen I would (unfortunately) have to reccomend a reinstall of os x.
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    oh god, is there anyway i can save/backup my files??
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    If you have a 2nd mac, you can connect them both using a firewire cable, transfering over whatever files you want to save

    although I have a feeling, as long as you don't click to erase the disk when you install, it'll keep all your files, it just puts them in the trash, but, I might be completely wrong.
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    If I'm not wrong, you can choose an option called "Archive and Install" when you reinstall the OS, the files from your old install should be moved to a folder in the new install.

    Can someone else reconfirm this?
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    That's correct. On the installer window that appears when you boot from the CD-ROM, keep an eye out for the Options button in the bottom left hand corner. Once that appears click on it and you can Archive and Install away :)
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    ok, no problem i see exactly what you guys are talking about....before i do that tho, is there ANYTHING i can do to get this thing back up and running without re-installing??
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    You could try one thing. Boot from the OSX Install DVD, but quit the Installer once it starts. From the menu bar you should be able to select Disk Utility. Fire that up and run a verify (and possible repair) of the Macintosh HD disk and a permissions repair. Then restart the machine and see whether it will boot from the hard disk again.

    If the previous update had actually reached the point where it was replacing files this won't rescue the situation, but it's worth a try.

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