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iMac G5 - Slow even on 360p?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by thedoor1, Mar 6, 2010.

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    Just wondering if tech is so far past my G5 or I have an issue with my iMac G5.

    Playing video is very jumpy and slow. this youtube clip is 360p (lowest choice) and totally jumpy - not one smooth set of frames in it.


    Anyway... if anywne has a G5 and can tell me if video play is supposed to suck this bad, that'd be good to know. Otherwise a fix to clean this would be great. I have 2GB ram and over 20gb free HDD space. I'm running Leopard 10.5.8 on the 1.8hz PowerPC G5.

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    Yep, thats how it is. I had the same issue with my old G5 iMac (and that was the 2.1). YouTube runs on flash, flash doesn't run so well on OS X...

    You can try the html5 trial, or install clicktoflash, but not all videos are available in html5 or h264 so you won't have total coverage. Or you could upgrade :)

    Just for reference that linked vid takes almost 50% cpu on my 2009 2.0GHz mac mini.
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    Have you tried letting it fully download before trying to play? It could be a network problem as it's playing faster than it downloads.
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    When I still had my 1.6GHz G5 (tower), it played Youtube videos just fine. I was running 10.5.
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    That video isn't the smoothest on my aluminum MacBook. Is it that way with all the videos you watch or just this one?

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    my emac plays that video just fine
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    Yeah... My iMac G4 does that too. It's really annoying, one reason why I upgraded. I think flash is just too heavy for older Macs with Power PC processors.

    What I resorted to was going to www.keepvid.com and just downloading the videos I wanted to watch.
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    flashplayer 10 is only suitable for people with a i7 or similar fast processor and i guess at least 10 gb ram , its the worst developed thing i ever came across since windows 95
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    So what do you play it with on your emac?
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    flashplayer 9 of course as 10 is only useful when you need to watch hd videos otherwise flashplayer 9 is enough, as older macs cant handle hd videos anyway ,so why install this monster of flashplayer 10 ,so far i had no problems with the 9 , and i dont like flash animations so i block them anyway
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    Tks. I'll try to downgrade to 9.

    Fyi, video doesn't play well when downloaded, either. The whole Mac slows down.. . can't type without a delay if playing vid.
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    So thats why my MacBook Pro uses half the CPU time and abit less memory compared to FP9?

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    i downloaded and installed Flash 10.1 beta and it gave me graphics issues after i watched videos on youtube/flash.

    hasn't occurred since i uninstalled it.

    that might not happen with your G5 but im just letting you know whats what i experienced with it
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    i dont understand that why some things work on one computer and dont on another with similar or even higher spec

    by the way i never watch youtube on fullscreen always in a small window , maybe thats why , because i just found it will begin to stutter if i stretch it to fullscreen , never noticed it before as like said i never watch youtube on big windows or fullscreen always about a quarter/third size of my eMac's screen i never have used youtube on fulscreen sized windows even when i ha much more powerful pc
    usually i have other things open at the same time which i want to monitor , so fullscreen would be disturbing

    so just make the window smaller and problem solved
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    When my iMac G5 was still alive it had an awful time watching YouTube videos. Only thing that would work is resetting Safari. Also, Firefox seemed to work better for YouTube as well.

    Not sure if this would affect it, but when it got rather slow at YouTube-ing, my Hard Drive was about 90% full. Perhaps that's an issue? I don't know, just sharing my experience!
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    75% CUP usage on a G5 2.3 GHz
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    i got between low 64% and max 73% watching this video in my window here
    on a emac g4 1.42 ghz 2gb ram :confused:
    using camino for G4 and i have an other program running at the same time stuffit which just unpacks some rars :confused:

    so would now please tell me someone why my g4 1.42 is less stressed with it then a g5 with higher ghz

    ok if i take the outcome on geekbench
    my emac

    imac g5 isight 2.1 which just achieves a couple points more with more ram and faster bus

    ok if you look you will find soem with better results under the g5 imacs but also quiet a few with a lot worth like this one

    how come the big differences and i mean just ignore the ram just look at the processor performance chart at the top of the results
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    Check out the graphic below... 74-83% CPU usage on a Core 2 Duo 2.53GHz. Was just a wee higher on a different 2.26GHz

    I've used a dual 1.42GHz PowerMac and a 1.8GHz iMac and found Hulu to be unplayable and dropping frames on the G5... I think dual core/CPU is about the way to go. Sad that you need dual CPUs for Flash videos.

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    at the moment i am happy about my eMac and its able to play this little youtube videos just fine ,
    i cant justify to spend over £1000 for a computer only to play a flashvideo in the future ,
    that is ridicoulos, if these developers forgot how to code proper,so that the customer will be forced to buy a quad or eight core or even 16 core setup in the future in order to run their crappy coded stuff
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    Adobe released Beta 3 of their newest Flash Player version. Try that one. Beta 2 made my emac G4 play all youtube videos passably again.
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    ok i try beta 3 of the flashplayer 10 maybe they employed some proper coders for that one
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    Ok so I wanted to try the turn-off-spotlight idea. I just killed it by moving the entire hard drive to the privacy section.

    so, two tests without spotlight 931 and 913.

    two tests with 854 and 809. On the 809 it was actually indexing again (after I turned it back on).

    I'm now a believer in shutting spotlight down to see if that helps.
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    CPU usage on my G5 is 100% while running this video. I'm having to wait for these letters to show up as I type.

    Two things running: Activity monitor and Firefox with this tab and the youtube tab.

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    Same thing with only safari open, and the window resized to very small.

    I'm running off of the wired router - not wifi.

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