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iMac G5 strobing LCD / skipping harddrive

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Voiteur, May 13, 2005.

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    I have a Rev A 20" iMac G5 (ordered 1st day available (8/31/04) with 250 gb hd...
    besides the noisy optical drive which was always there, I've recently run across these probs and am wondering if anyone else has experienced them-
    The LCD strobes/flickers as you would expect a TV or CRT- it does this about 20% of the time-started about two months ago. It is annoying but not unusable- seems to be getting worse though.
    Also, twice I have had programs skip out on me (work intermittently-i Tunes, can't remember what else)... I got the spinning beachball thingy and then what i assume was the harddrive started making a disturbing skipping noise. this was much quieter and definately not the optical drive noise. It coincided with the beachball spin. Once it would not stop and I couldn't force quit anything- had to push the dreaded power button.
    Any ideas? Anyone else get these probs/ get em fixed?
    oh, i remeber once i was running MWord- as much as I'd like to blame microsoft...
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    really? I'm the only one with these problems?
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    Warranty claim, without delay.

    If you have the cash you might want to get an external Firewire drive and clone your hard drive before you send it in.

    Remove any 3rd party RAM before you send the machine in to Apple.
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    I have two externel fire wire drives (80 GB each)... unfortunateley they prob don't equal everything on my iMac even if i cleared them off... but I could prob dump a lot on my iMac.
    Heres an actual question:
    When you say "clone my hardrive"... am I just copying everything onto the firewire or is there some special process?

    Do I wait for the problems to happen more frequently... what if I bring/ send it into Apple and they don't see it. Will they still replace it or fix it or are they gonna give it right back to me?

    Sorry, maybe these are questions for Apple- hope i'm still under warranty

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