iMac G5s, cannot connect for migrate

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Tim in Phoenix, Oct 26, 2010.

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    I have two very similar iMac G5s, both 2ghz, both OSX 10.4.11. When connecting by Firewire and following the steps in Migration Assistant, I get no disks appearing on the destination machine, I get Cannot Connect error message, any ideas? Would ethernet work better? The source machine will not burn DVDs so that option is out. Can I swap hard drives?

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    If you go to the migration assistant on the destination machine. and click on from another mac it should work that way. You could try ethernet. If you want to swap the drives beware some G5s require you to remove the screen and other components to get to the hard drive depending on the model
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    Yes, it should work by Firewire. However, it does not work by Firewire. What are my other options?

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    You can try ethernet. I recently migrated from an iMac G5 and firewire was very flaky for some unknown reason.

    If you have a spare external hard drive of sufficient capacity, you could also clone the iMac's drive to it using Carbon Copy Cloner, and then attach the external to your new machine, and Migration Assistant should be able to migrate from the clone.
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    ethernet will work. i just went from a g5 to a new imac
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    Regrettably, no good with Ethernet, I am seeing "Cannot Connect" error messages.
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    make it easier , connect via firewire and just use target disc mode and clone the hdd

    so boot the one who has what you want normal and the other in target disc mode , use ccc and clone the disc , and you got two identical iMac's
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    Can you describe the procedure exactly? The "old" iMac has the files I want to move to the "new" iMac. I have not used Target Disk Mode before.

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    yes ,
    ...install ccc (carbon copy cloner ) on your iMac number 1 where everything is

    connect the two with firewire

    boot the iMac 2 in target disc mode by holding down the T key at startup (the firewire symbol will turn up on display) or system preferences - startup disc - target disc mode restart

    after the restart iMac number 2 should mount on desktop of imac number 1

    format that disc of number 2 that turned up on the desktop of numner 1 with disc utility in Mac os extended journaled

    start ccc cloning entire disc of iMac 1 to iMac 2 !!! takes a while depending on how big the hdd is , when done

    eject iMac number 2

    boot iMac number 2 and it should be exact the same as on iMac number 1 including all personal files and apps

    hope you understand that ,i am not good in explaining such things , sounds more difficult then it actually is
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    Problem solved. I was having some luck moving files over by USB flash drive, then suddenly, 2600 pictures disappeared from iPhoto!!!! I figured OSX might be flaky, so I did a total erase and reinstall. The migration screen popped up, so I reconnected Firewire and everything copied, with a minor glitch. What was Safari 4.1 reverted to 2.0. The OSX 10.4.11 updater did not get copied for some reason. I loaded the updater DVD and.......the optical drive could not find the disc nor could it eject the disc, even when forced. So, a visit to the shop may be in order.

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