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iMac heat & gaming

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Josh125, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I run COD 4 through BootCamp, and while it runs like a dream my machine gets insanly hot. I'm a bit worried about it to be honest. Is there something I can do with this or just not worry about it.

    I know PCs have fan apps that you can configure to run at max but not sure if they will work under BootCamp.

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    Get the extended warranty.
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    Get the iStat application, run COD4 for 5 minutes or so and then exit out and see what the temperature of your parts are. Can you cmd+tab out of COD4??? If so that would be the best. My iMac has gotten pretty hot while playing games, but that is part of why I got a mac, since they use better quality parts I do not have to worry about it overheating as much. If it is getting really hot though, then there might be problem.:apple:
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    I have applecare so I'm not too worried about it, however not sure how they would handle issues caused by running in BootCamp.

    I'll download iStat tonight and do what you described Shiv and post up the results. I played for over an hour last night, and never experienced blocking that is usually associated to overheating the GPU. Maybe I'm just paranoid :cool:
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    Which Mac spec do you have? Graphics card and such, if it's the 8800 GT one they are notorious for heating up from my experience with PC's, not sure about Macs though. As long as it isn't stalling or running slow I wouldn't worry.
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    I have the mobile version of the 8800, I think Apple is calling it the GS. Good to know, again it's not freezing or throwing artifacts as I remember from my PC days.

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    it's an iMac, not a laptop so I'd think ur ok. Do you have adequate ventilation space around the computer?

    Also, iStat wouldn't be able to monitor heat while running something in bootcamp : \
  8. aki
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    imac can get v hot if gaming in windows.... heres my advice....

    run istat then go to bootcamp and play games like cod4 for a while....then reboot to osx and look at temps....that will give u a good clue

    as for my own opinion.....the gpu and cpu can have very high temps and its no problem BUT bootcamp gaming can give a high hd temp as well which will make them die sooner

    if you think your hd is too hot download smcfancontrol and make a setting for windows gaming (for mine i have the fans all about the middle)

    in my opinion hd much over 50C for a long time is not healthy but people argue a lot about what is "too hot" temperatures....its a qsn of lifespan basically

    ask if u have more qsns ;)

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