iMac, MBA and Time Machine

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Dr. McKay, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Jan 20, 2010
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    I'm looking into buying a new MBA 13". My setup at home consists of an i5 iMac with a 2Tb FW800 WD drive, which I use as a TM-backup. I also have an Airport Express 2nd gen to which the imac is connected with an ethernet cable.

    What's the best way to incorporate my MBA into that setup ? Can I backup the MBA wirelessly to the same TM-partition ? Do I sync the MBA with the iMac ? What's the best solution ?

    I don't want to go out and create a second partition on the TM disc, and then hooking up the MBA via USB. That'd be a bit like traveling back in time (no pun intended :D )
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    Jan 23, 2005
    You can just share the TM disk from the iMac and use it as the TM backup destination. Just follow this guide.

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