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imac speakers - usage? (and apple keyboards?)

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by neon, Jul 13, 2004.

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    hi all

    here at work we have been tidying our office and have found a pair of imac speakers which are surplus to requirements.

    are they compatible with any other machines? i thought i heard that they only work with the imac but no one here seems to know...

    by other machines i mean pc's but also the emacs as i hope to be getting one soon and my boss says if they're not claimed and they'd work then i can have them

    we also have a couple of apple keyboards which arent being used, can they be used with other machines? (obviously half the keys would be wrong if they did, i am just wondering, another guy in my office wants one for his windows laptop)

    thanks :)
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    They're digital speakers and use a non-standard mini-plug they'll only work with an iMac G4 or a Powermac G4. You can buy third party adapters to connect them to other computers but I'm not sure of the brand or price of them.

    They work fine with Windows and are detected as a "Standard Human Interface Device". The Control, Option and Command keys work as a normal "Wintel" keyboard would but are of course mislabeled. The volume, eject keys etc don't work though. I think you can get a driver to get them to work… *searching*… yup, it's called AppleK Pro
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    thank you both! :)

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