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Imagine It: The Sun, Some Ancient Ruins, You With No Laptop

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 10, 2005.

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    Well that was pointless. The iPod or even BlackBerry compared to a laptop. Riiiight. Maybe if the user had actually used a REAL* PDA like a Pocket PC that DOES have more in common with a laptop computer and its functionalities then yes. With my VGA Pocket PC I can read books, watch movies, listen to non encrypted AAC files, read Acrobat, Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, get my e-mail and read any attachments in their native format, browse the net with a REAL browser (Mozilla minimo, still in early early beta but it works.), browse NNews with a real NN browser, or even play a round of Pocket Quake.
    Basically if you can do it on a laptop you can do it on a Pocket PC that can fit in my pocket and go anywhere. Last summer I went camping up north in the Boundary Water area on the Canada \ Minnesota border. There was one day that we were rained out and spent the majority of the day in the tent. Thankfully I brought along my Pocket PC and BlueTooth keyboard and mouse. Before I had left for the trip I synced the device and picked up my e-mails. I responded to, I think, two, read an e-book for a couple hours, played bejeweled for at least another hour and a half, and took some voice notes of the trip for posterity sake, typed up a couple Livejournal posts to post later (I have a client on the device that auto posts any outbound LJ entries.), and did some tweaking on some pictures I took the previous day (Slap the CF card into the device and away I go.)
    Frankly I actually have to laugh at people who are just now realizing that there are alternatives to laptops. About 60% of the above I’ve been doing for 5 years starting with the first gen Pocket PC in July 2000.
    Next year I will most likely nab a Pocket PC Phone Edition to compliment the PDA functionality. BlackBerry’s are great for e-mail and some basic java apps but the development community around the Pocket PC is starting to really pick up giving rise to some pretty impressive software packages.
    Wake up and smell the technology bud.

    *Palm is pretty much a joke at this point and BlackBerry's OS can hardly be described as versitile. If anything the thing is more crash pron then the Pocket PC. This statement coming from someone who supports 35-ish BlackBerries in house.
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    SiliconAddict, what e-book reader do you use with your PDA?
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    Formerly Palm Reader, formerly peanut press. I won't go near MS's .lit e-book format. It’s about as user friendly with DRM as their audio format. That and I've found the memory footprint is pretty big as well.
    E-Reader supports all the major OS's. Palm, PPC, OS X, Windows. Even Symbian. Its a great app.

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