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iMessage change in 10.8.2 between iPhone/Mac?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Gemütlichkeit, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Am I crazy, or did text alerts stop going to the phone if messaging through Messages on OSX?

    From the beta up to the release of 10.8 if you received a message via OSX it would also alert you on your phone. At least your phone would make the text sound (or vibrate).

    I've been doing some tests this morning and no alerts have been arriving on my phone when chatting via Message from OSX.
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    Mine always arrive to both my iPhone and my Mac. Are you using the latest software on both?
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    Yep, 10.8.2 and 6.0.

    I actually like it this way and feel it should of been like this from the start. iMessage should detect that I'm using the OSX client and not alert my phone and visa versa.

    Edit: never mind, for some reason they're now coming to my phone too. Bummer, it wasn't doing that for about an hour this morning. :(
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    In some ways I agree. But then, I'd want those messages on my phone too. If Apple could have it so your phone DOESN'T notify you, but still receives the messages, that would be ideal. But, then, what happens if you leave Messages running on your Mac but you aren't at home?

    It's a conundrum, and I think the current solution is probably best.
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    easy fix, notify both when OSX messages is idle so if you leave it on at home it will come to your phone too.

    It seems a simple if/then statement could fix this. But I have a gut feeling Apple messages doesn't differentiate between messages being sent from iChat or iMessage.

    This is basically the only thing I see missing from this setup. Plus it would save a little juice in my phone from not having to turn the screen on every time I get a reply on my Mac.
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    True, but you might still miss some messages if, for example, it takes 15 minutes for Messages to go idle.

    iChat can't access the iMessage messages, only AIM, Jabber, and a few others. So there is a differentiation.

    Yeah, it would save some juice, but I think it might be negligible.

    There's definitely a solution, and I think you might be on to something with your first idea.
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    I get the same thing, and it's sweet. On iOS 5, my iPhone and iPad would go crazy with alerts when I was texting via Messages on my Mac. Some of the alerts would get cut off halfway through the sound, likely while receiving a 'read' update on the message.

    A possible solution: When a device detects a new iMessage, wait a short moment for a possible 'read' update, and if received, don't alert the user. This has the downside of delaying the messages a bit, though.

    I don't know if Apple implemented something similar with iOS 6, but now my iPhone and iPad are silent when I'm texting via my Mac. They of course still receive all messages. But, I can imagine that this system would fail when the service is unstable (and slow), like it is pretty often.
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    Haha tell me about it - They all come through at once for me, making my iPhone sound like a demented robot :eek:

    [EDIT: I'm on iOS5, so that'll probably be why]

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