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IMO, the Nokia Lumia 920 is the first truly worthy adversary to the iPhone! (Pics)

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by iPad 2, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. iPad 2, Sep 16, 2012
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    I feel the Nokia Lumia 920 is the first truly worthy adversary to the iPhone 5 in terms of both aesthetics and performance.

    At the very least, it's the first smartphone I've seen that actually looks better than the iPhone and still manages to have the specs, features, performance and UI/OS to keep up.




    The main differences are that the iPhone has more/better apps and less bulk (and a slightly better GPU), and the Lumia has a fresher OS and some neat features like a 720p+ screen (better resolution and PPI), better battery life, wireless charging, very advanced optics for their camera and NFC.
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    LOVE Windows Phone UI and everything about it but the apps selection is extremely limited.
  3. iPad 2, Sep 16, 2012
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    I agree. Apps are the achelle's heel. But with MS backing it and cross compatiblity with Windows 8 apps, this should resolve itself in an year or two. Right around then when Windows 8 begins to catch up in terms of apps, the first Nokia with a quad core a15 CPU and quad core PowerVR 6 series GPU should be out and ready to go head to head vs an iPhone 5s with similar internals. Should be a fun matchup.

    I have to say that the new Windows icon in the center bottom looks butt ugly to me. Why couldn't they make the icon symmetrical. The center icon of a phone this beautiful should be symmetrical.
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    I completely agree, I really like the Lumia 920 a LOT. The downside for me though is that I've been with Apple since iPhone 1.0, so I have a lot of money into Apps that otherwise don't exist on Windows Phone (For the most part, that is.)
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    I use iPhone because iOS integrates well with OS X and my other Apple electronics and peripherals. Thus, any phone not running iOS, I wouldn't even consider. Just because it looks cool, or has good specs does not change the fact that it runs Windows.
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    Apart from being nearly 70g heavier!
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    And to be honest, is there really a place for a 3rd OS in mobile space? WebOS has failed, and Blackberry is on a major decline.

    Will WP be able to break through the market? Remains to be seen.
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    I agree with this assessment as well. The Galaxy line is not worth of noting, it is just overly pumped specs that will never make the OS run stable and smooth enough for a pleasant experience. Pretty much a over spec'd phone which doesn't really do much.

    The Lumia runs Windows Mobile (Windows Phone, etc), which is great. I would go with WinMo over Android. This is regardless of the whole Apple v Samsung.
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    Agreed! I've used Android and I just can't see using it on a day to day basis. It still feels like a Beta OS to me. Windows Phone however looks like I would have no problem using it and it's very smooth. I haven't used it for more than 5-10 minutes granted, but my first impressions of it were really good, which Android wasn't.
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    I really like the design, but once again the flagship devices from these other manufacturers are huge, and also its running windows phone which is even more boring than iOS so I won't consider them. I will play around with one though first chance I get. The camera system also looks killer.

    If this was a 4-4.3" screen running stock android JB I would definitely pick one up.
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    I would have no problem if the iPhone had looked something like this.
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    I would have preferred it, even if it meant slightly more bulk (and hopefully a bigger battery than the iPhone 5).

    This is a stunningly good design.
  13. x&y
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    That is one ugly phone.
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    If it weren't for the fact that I love iOS, and have an iPad and a MacBook, I would probably have waited and gotten the 920. But I am too invested in the Apple ecosystem and I have never been let down by my Apple devices or customer service. iMessages, Photo Stream, iCloud, iTunes auto-synching between devices.. these are just some of the reasons I stick with Apple.

    But, if there was one non iPhone I would consider, it would be the 920 in black or cyan (If they end up making a cyan model).
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    that's what I'm saying. The iPhone looks...nothing compares.

    It has all the features I need. There isn't much to add to a phone now anyway.

    the iphone could have had a bigger screen though(not just longer) and still fit in one hand and use.

    My roommate has the nokie lumia and I was able to do everything with one hand....

    I prefer the iPhone(apples) architecture both software and hardware which is why my 64GB iPhone 5 will be here this week:D
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    Nokia has really nailed it with the 920. WinPhone 8 is a neat OS. Waay better than Android, because Microsoft sets requirements to the phones = no fragmentation like Android.

    If it had a more mature marketplace, and I wasn't so used to the iOS eco system, I could easily have seen myself with one of these.

    Great to see someone really trying to catch up and compete with the iPhone. Android doesn't bother me. It's a whole other market. iPhone and the Lumia is really trying to make a great phone for THE MASSES. The ones that don't have to bug around with their new phone to get it work properly. It's all about the UX and I think both Apple and Nokia/Microsoft nailed it in each their own way.
  17. rrl
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    You don't know what you're talking about.
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    i just love the windows UI.

    I think it looks amazing, especially since you can choose the color schemes and all of that. If I wasn't so invested in apple (apps) I probably would have made the switch. Also the lack of apps in the windows market is the huge problem.
    If it survives till my next contract it might be an option...
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    But there is no pricing or release day in US

    It is an awefully bad sign for lumia 920 that there is still no release day or pricing announced. Normally when a manufacturer announce a phone, they want to get all the information out there. They only have one shot to create excitement for their product and Nokia miss it. Normally carriers like ATT and Verizon will have an advance look on the phone and they will decide how many phone they can sell with what subsidy and have a tough negotiation with the phone manufacturer on the price and volume that the carrier will buy from the manufacturer. If you are Apple, the final price is very close to MSRP and/or the volume is more than the carrier is comfortable (so carrier will run the risk of having to provide more subsidy down the road to clear the inventory if the phone doesn't sell as well as they predicted). If you are everyone else, your price is very close to your cost and carrier will dictate volume.

    With no price and no release date, it can only mean on thing. None of the carrier can come to term with Nokia. They either don't like the price or the volume that Nokia want them to sell the phone at.. I would guess the problem has a lot to do with Lumia 900. It sales are very poor (something like 600,000 phone shipped to carrier last Q but no one know how many of the 600,000 is still in inventory). No one is really sure if it is a Window ecosystem problem or a Lumia 900 problem.. If it is a Window problem, Lumia 920 will have a very poor sales as well..
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    So me having used both devices (S3 and Lumia) separately and having used my iPhone doesn't entitle me to that opinion and makes me ignorant of it? Please tell me how valuable your opinion is over mine and how you know what you are talking about...

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    I think it highly probably the price point will either match, or be less than the iPhone. This is Nokia's "last stand" so to speak as far as windows mobile is concerned. It will be released late next month or early November.

    I agree with most of you, the phone looks great and it is worthy to compete with the iPhone. Android is not doing it for me, and yes I've used it. iOS is great but I'd like to check out the 920 when it's released.

    Nokia has arguably the best build quality historically speaking. The camera looks like it would blow away the iPhone camera. I think this could be a great phone/product line if Nokia/windows/ATT market it properly. Plus I'm sure it will play very nice with that Surface tablet that is coming out soon and obviously many of us still use Windows often, whether it is by choice or for work. I have macs at home but I use windows daily at work.

    I hope it launches soon and is available unlocked. I can't wait to check it out.
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    I love that it has NFC and the wireless charging thing is cool. Hmm. After the 5, maybe I'll give a WinMo device a try
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    Feed Me

    It's way too big
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    How dare you have opinion on the Galaxy Line of smart phones you know its wrong!;)
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    if im reading the specs correctly for the Lumia 920, it weighs 185 grams, and is 10.7 mm thick... that is just absolutely terrible if i am reading the specs right

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