iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand Receive Small Updates Ahead of iOS 7

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    Apple has released small updates to iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand, addressing compatibility issues within iPhoto and iMovie and minor performance issues in GarageBand.

    While it is unclear what the compatibility update fixes, it is likely related to Apple's upcoming iOS 7 operating system, which has been available for developers since June 10.

    iOS 7 introduces a number of design changes along with features like a revamped Notification Center and a new Control Panel. Apple's apps will likely get larger iOS 7 updates after the OS is released later this month.

    While Apple is expected to feature iOS 7 during its September 10 iPhone event, the operating system will likely be provided to the public shortly before Apple's new iPhones are released on September 20.

    All three of the apps can be downloaded from the App Store for $4.99.

    iPhoto [Direct Link]
    iMovie [Direct Link]
    GarageBand [Direct Link]

    Article Link: iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand Receive Small Updates Ahead of iOS 7
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    Battlefield Fan

    Apple still needs to find a better way to merge camera and iPhoto galleries. :mad:
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    I just checked the App Store to see if there was any updates needed and these three along with Shazam app showed up. I did update!
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    I was hoping for an updated iOS 7 style icon. It couldn't have gotten worse.
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    Perhaps an IAP would work well.

    But I'd settle for free + bundled.
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    That is what is wrong with the new icon redesign in iOS7. Everything now is so inconsistent.

    Unless they will be updated further down the road...
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    Considering the UI isn't at all updated for iOS 7, I find that suggestion highly improbable.
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    i want complete new designs real soon
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    Does camera roll = movies still?
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    It'll be interesting to see what Garageband looks like once Ive and his Fisher Price team get a hold of some of those graphics.
  11. macnisse, Sep 3, 2013
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    Downloading update now...

    Done. Works fine.
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    Mindboggling that iPhoto for iOS and iPhoto for Mac don't sync across iCloud.
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    i dont really understand icon rage. the icons are professional and they open the apps...what more do i want?
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    Blasphemy! :eek:

    BTW: Totally correct, IMO.;)
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    The icons will be updated when iOS 7 is released (or shortly after).
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    Time was, a man could expect a full update to the iLife apps every year to year and a half.

    Does this minor update mean we're likely going to be stuck with the current releases on iOS and Mac for the foreseeable future?

    iLife '11 on the Mac has, despite the name, been stalled since October 2010.

    iMovie, GarageBand, and iPhoto for iOS haven't ever received a major new release. They've been around since mid 2010, early 2011, and early 2012 respectively and only have received point updates...
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    Is that $5 for all three or all three are $5 each?
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    Why would Apple update their icons to match iOS 7 when it isn't even publicly out yet? That would be so stupid to do.
  19. QuarterSwede, Sep 3, 2013
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    Yes, they're there and still playable.


    Apparently they fixed the lack of saving progress bar in iOS 7. Looks as expected now.

    Something new: the dialogs fly up from the bottom and then back down when done.
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    I'm content with the apps as they are. If you're looking for more features, then you should probably look into their $200 pro apps.

    Personally, I want to see an iWork update. I want to see them finally add in the few features that I need Word and Excel for so that I can finally kick Office out of my life forever.
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    iOS 7's new icons are slightly larger. People want them slightly smaller again. I guess :confused:
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    Oh I dunno, maybe a little consistency?
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    What ever happened with the rumor that the iLife apps would become free with the release of iOS 7? I'm still looking forward to that possibility...
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    I think the rumor was that iWork apps would be free since there are now free versions of those apps on iCloud.
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    I really, really hope they keep the skeuomorphism in the iLife for iOS apps! It's part of their charm and adds to their functionality!

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