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iMovie, iPhoto and iLife Arrive

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by Chad4Mac, Jan 31, 2003.

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    iMovie and iphoto

    Software update!

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    THANKU! :)
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    I guess I was the first to announce, right?

    What a great feeling!


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    Nice job, chad. let the games begin
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    Notice that the iMovie 3 update is version 3.0.1 (at least for me). I guess something was wrong with 3.0.0 (I wonder what version is shipping on the CD...)

    Fortunately, the 0.1 update is only 950KB.
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    ...downloading..... 20:23 GMT.. ( Lisbon):D
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    iMovie3 and iPhoto2

    Both apps are available directly from Apple's website now, too. There's a link to the download on each respective page. :)
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    The retail version is also version 3.0.1. I suppose something was wrong with 3.0.
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    I'm dling now! I called my local CompUSA this morning to see if they had iLife and they said that they didn't have any in site, but I don't know if the lady I talked to knew what she was looking for! I just might have to take off work a little early to see if they have it in! :D
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    Yup, I think so....but I'm sure you won't be the last :rolleyes: ;) I'm expecting a dozen more threads on the same subject any time now.
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    Creating Web pages in iPhoto 2

    I can't figure out how to create an html-format page of pix in iPhoto 2. It used to be a feature of iphoto 1 -- now it seems as though Apple may have disabled that function, limiting Web page creation to those who subscribe to .mac...

    Or am I mistaken?

    EDIT: Turns out you can still create an html page without a .Mac subscription, via the File menu Export command...
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    CompUSA in San Francisco has it...

    I just bought my copy of iLife at the CompUSA on Market in San Francisco.

    There were only a few left on the shelf, but they may have had more stocked somewhere.

    Interestingly, there are 2 CD

    One "Install CD" with iTunes3, iPhoto 2, iMovie 3

    And One "Install DVD" with those three, PLUS iDVD on it.

    I suppose it makes sense since you'll need a DVD to use iDVD, duh.
  13. Gus
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    Thank you for the heads up Chad!

    Wow! Combined 117MB DL!

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    I'm always looking for out for you guys and gals!

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    I wonder...

    I wonder if Apple has to schedule these software updates with it's ISP?

    These large updates must place a lot of demand on Apple's internet connection(s).

    I expect we won't see anything else large updated for at least a week to give time to get the current download rush over with.
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    At my AOL speed it will take hours to download:( Thankfully I have freiends wit Cable Modems.
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    Re: I wonder...

    Yeah, could you imagine people away on vacation or business or whatever coming back a week or so from now only to find in Software Update iPhoto, iMovie and 10.2.4? LOL Pauvre pauvre dialup user. ;)

    However, the alternative is a very reasonalbe $50 US for those who can't/won't download it.

    As a point of note after downloading the latest Dev Tools earlier today: I find it amazing that at any given time I can reach a minimum of 150k/s downloading off of apple.com, and regularly over 225k/s. I can't imagine their bandwidth/pipe/server bills. :eek:
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    Re: Creating Web pages in iPhoto 2

    I still have the old version and it seems to only be able to publish to my dot-I'm-a-sucker account. I think that's always how it's been. Don't those pages use scripts and stuff from the .mac servers so they wouldn't work on other servers?
    I don't know much about this feature. I never use it, I prefer to stubbornly program my own html (or php, too bad .mac doesn't run it :-\).

    I don't think I can let myself dl this yet because I'm supposed to be writing a chapter my thesis right now. Distractions...
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    Re: Re: I wonder...

    I remember last summer a friend of mine wanted iPhoto, but didn't want to download it over dial up do he went to an apple store, downloaded it there in about a second and burned it onto a CD. I think he asked one of the sales guys first just so they wouldn't think he was stealing stuff, but they didn't care. I wonder if they would mind now that they're selling $50 boxes right there.
    Anyway, it's good excuse to visit an apple store and it's a lot nicer than waiting for downloads, plus you've got it on a cd in case you crash and burn.

    (sorry to double post, I've been doing that a lot lately)
  20. Gus
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    You know, I'm guessing that the week delay was because of this. Whatever issue iMovie 3.0 had, Apple wanted to fix it before they released it. Maybe they had to make all new CDs?

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    Has anyone tried iPhoto2 yet? It seems very slow on my iMac 700 with 1gb of ram. Is it just me?
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    Hmm, I keep my apps in seperate folders, not all in the applications folder, so I had to move the new versions into their appropriate folder and put them in dock, while taking out the old ones, something I've become accustomed to.

    However, once doing that they (both iMovie and iPhoto ) had pure white box icons. the dock no longer magnified. So I killed the dock, and it restarted itself, and it works fine now, but I cant drag anything out of the dock, only into, and iMovie and iPhoto still have white boxes. Hrmm.. Can't do a full restart yet, downloading something, but will try later. Anyone else had problems with the apps yet? Or anyone seen those problems in general with the dock?

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    Got to love the cable modem

    i am currently downloading it. This is why I have a cable modem!

    Thank you Apple!:p
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    Anyone have iLife and a aftermarket DVD-R drive? I heard a rumor that iDVD 3 will NOT install unless you have a OEM internal Superdrive. Even internal Pioneer drives don't work. Anyone test this?

    UPDATE: xlr8yourmac says this rumor is FALSE and that retail Superdrives will work with or w/out iDVD 2 installed. I would still like a confirmation from someone.:confused:
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    AAAARRRGG! I want to use iMovie! BUT I CANTS I NEED A HIGHER RESOLUTION SCREEN! NOOOOO! DAMMIT! My display can only go to 800 x 600 and yes I tried unchecking the boxes, only the "newer" iBook can run it, I am SO MAD!!! :mad: After there short year my iBook is becoming obsolete, for the record its a Key Lime Special Edition 466mhz, DVD FireWire. I can't believe it, now I can't even have iMove 2 back on, I hate this, why Apple WHY!!!!????:mad:

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