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Import CDs to iMac, transfer music to friend's iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MaciPilot, Sep 25, 2008.

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    I've been researching the transfer of imported CDs to my iMac (Leopard) and then sync or transfer to a friend's iPod. Haven't found any good answers yet. How is it done with or without added software? Once transfered how does the friend sync that music to his computer (PC or MAC)? Anybody have good results doing this?
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    Is there a reason they need the music on the iPod? You already have the imported files...
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    Thanks for answering. Yes, my friend is new to Mac and I'm getting him an iPod as a gift. I want to pre-load some of my CDs onto it rather than bring them over to his computer afterwards. Also, my daughter is coming to visit from out of town, and I want to share some CDs with her. She uses a PC.
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    You could enable disk mode, and just drop the files onto his hard drive, then when he gets on his computer can then add the files to his ipod, and delete the duplicates off the hard drive.

    Make sense?

    Otherwise if you load some music on, when he syncs it to his computer it will make him delete all of that music if he wants to add anything.
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    No, I don't follow. Can I use disk mode to load his iPod from my computer? I thought that disk mode is computer to computer. Isn't that normally used for back-ups?

    He has an iMac with songs in his iTunes Library. I want to take CD music that I have imported to MY computer and transfer to a new iPod. Then I would like to instruct him how to sync to his iTunes Library so that the new iPod music will merge with the existing iTunes library. What I want to avoid doing is taking the CDs over to his computer at his house and importing to his computer in the normal fashion and then sync his library from his computer to his iPod. I want to pre-load from MY computer to his iPod, then have him merge the music on his own. I thought there might be some software that could accomplish this.
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    So why does the music need to be on the iPod again?

    The disk usage suggestion is probably the best solution. You already have the imported files.
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    That's because the OP doesn't want to go to his friend's place. Perhaps his friend is just visiting from another state/place. OP may just wanna pass the ipod to his friend as a gift and would want to save the hassle of going to his friend's place (which may be in another state) and uploading the music to his computer.

    I think his question is legitimate.
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    I don't quite understand that. If you want to give music to them, you'll have to give them your CDs, and delete all copies of the music that you might have on your computer or on your iPod.
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    That depends on the country you live in, of course. It's completely legal to share your music with close relatives where I live. :)
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    Where would that be then? And what kind of relative is your "friend" you want to share your music with? And would that apply to close relatives who are not living in your household, like the daughter that is visiting?
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    The OP's location is in the USA and what he is asking for is a way to steal. Used music can only be transfered to another party by giving the original (CD) and deleting any copies.
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    Well, the OP lives in Arizona and I guess the law is different in the US.

    As for your question, gnasher729, I don't think the federal court here in Switzerland ever had to make a decision what "close relative" means. In the meantime, I never have a bad conscience (if that's the word in English) lending my CDs to my brother or copying songs from my sisters iPod.
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    Charles Manson never had a "bad conscience" either.
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    Brainwashed by the RIAA, or obedient by nature. :eek:
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    Thanks everyone for your replies. I have done some research on file sharing and decided not to go through with the project. It seems that it's OK to copy my CDs to my computer for personal listening or backup, but not OK to share the CDs for downloading or file sharing if there is a copyright infringement.
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    If you are referring to me it's nether. I just believe in doing what is right, responsible and legal. Becoming a common (cowardly) thief (just because it's easy and anonymous) is not in my nature. If you're going to steal music at least be a real thief (and not a cowardly thief) and shoplift it.
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    Comments on legality aside, you can just check the option to manually manage music on the iPod. That way you can add music to the iPod from multiple iTunes libraries. To transfer music from an iPod to a computer, search google for itunes alternatives, such as senuti or songbird.

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