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Import Sony HDR-HC1 Into FCP???

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by JTPeaceEasy18, Jun 29, 2007.

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    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to import HD footage from my Sony HDR-HC1 into FCP. It will import in regular NTSC, but no HD.

    I've tried all of the firewire options and I know that the firewire is in place properly because after choosing "log and capture" FCP recognizes the camcorder, and I can play, ff, rw, etc. However, when I click on Import it either says that it timed out because of no incoming footage or it just sits there with a black screen...no files are imported at all...

    What am I doing wrong?/
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    I am having the same problem. Try this simple work-around...
    First press PLAY, and while the tape is playing, "click" on IMPORT

    Hope that helps, it works for me.:confused:
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    Yea I tried that before when I had to import videos in NTSC...so I tried it again like you suggested. Camera was recognized, hit play on the camera, hit "capture now" and the screen stayed black for a few seconds and then this screen popped up saying:

    "Capture was aborted due to lack of incoming data from device. Check your connections and that the deck is playing."

    Connections should be fine since I'm able to fast forward and play the deck from FCP and I know for sure the deck is playing....

    I still feel like I'm doing something wrong
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    I have an HC1 and importing is just fine, so there is hope! :)

    1: Make sure you select the 1080i HDV easy setup before you create your new project. Among other things, this sets up the capture utility to look for an HDV stream, not DV.

    2: Make sure i.Link conversion is turned off on your camera. This is in the "STANDARD SET" category in your camera's menu. If i.Link conversion is turned on, your camera converts HDV to a standard DV signal, which is not what you want.

    Now create your new project and try to capture, it should work.
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    I have a HC1 and honestly it's pretty hard to get it importing in final cut correctly. Of course, the easiest workaround is to use iMovie, but it's indeed possible to get it to work...
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    thanks for saving my life!

    thanks ppc_michael even in the year 2009 you are still saving editors lives!!! the ilink comment has saved me hours!!!!
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    Sony HDR-HC1 compatability

    I've been back and forth with Apple - can't get my HDR-HC1 to work with either my imac i5 or my old macbook and they are blaming it on 10.6.3 - does anyone with this camera have it working under Snow Leopard? Just trying to narrow down the issue - it's not the camera (works with my PC), not the cable either...so I'm at a loss.
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    I've now got the same problem. I reboot back into OSX 4.11 and the camera is recognised.
    Can't say I'm warming to Snow Leopard as a film editor . . . .
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    I joined MacRumors (after being a long time lurker) just to thank you all for this info, which was spot and I didn't see mentioned anywhere else.

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    I am using the Sony HDR-FX1000 but am working with Snow Leopard and it is working properly. Not sure if that helps.
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    I am having the same problem.

    I have shot on a Sony V1, which I have connected via Firewire to my MacBook Pro with final cut, but when selecting log and capture there is only a black window where the video should play back, and when I select 'now' a black capture window pops up, disappears and I get the 'lack of incoming data' message.

    My camera is set to output HDV, 1080i, iLink is off. My Easy Setup is HDV 1080i50, have tried all formats and HDV, but nothing works. I've also restarted the camera, final cut and my laptop but to no avail.

    Can anyone help? I have a deadline to meet.. :(
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    Type of cable you're using?


    I understand that the new macbook comes with a 6 pin (?) FireWire connection
    the HC1 has a 4 pin FireWire connection

    What cable are you using for connection between the two?

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    The MBP has nine pins. To connect your camera you simply use a 4-9 pin cable.

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